January 21st, 2012

Surf had better be up today!

My swim class is at 8:30. It looks, outside my front window, like we had a lot of melting last night. So this morning I am hopeful that I can get to the pool (different pool than yesterday) and that, once I get there, I can find a place to park where I can get the car out when I'm done. I've got about 15 mins to kill before it's time to go.

The new router finally arrived yesterday. It is lovely how every iteration - regardless of brand - does more and more of the install magic for you. I have a few peccadilloes with my set up so it was not quite as slick as it could have been and the webcam gave me some angst but I think it's all fixed now ( is the new webcam address).

I have some more fiddling to do but I think it's mostly good. I did set up two of the wireless computers to not reconnect automatically last night and, sure enough, there was no connection there this morning. The wired computers were fine. So I don't think Comcast is totally off the hook. But, I will monitor.

Last night's outing to see the play with machupicchu was fun. We had a lovely belt sushi dinner and then a snowy slushy walk over to the play. The play was a one man show. I was engaged totally and kind of disappointed it was over when it ended. I got there and home without issues - I went very slowly and carefully and chose routes that were as flat as possible and on main streets.

My tire light is still on but the ride is smooth and all tires look good. I'll get the pressure checked this morning after my swim. Also I need to pick pick up cat food and bear stuffing while I'm out this morning.

Happily, I feel great. I have for several days. No panting, no wheezing, a little coughing but not much. I'll be interested to see how I feel in the pool this morning. Last Saturday - same class, same teacher - I felt like crap. There are steps up to even get to the pool and I had to stop and rest before I got to the top. I'll bet I won't today!

I love the snow but it is nice to have my streets back.

I just read this in ciddyguy's journal and I so totally agree. I got everything done I wanted to do while I was out and had nearly magical good luck so I decided to come home while karma was still in a good mood.

My swim class was great. The literally bounded up the steps I had to rest to finish last week. When I got to the top, I was not even winded and, honestly, I don't remember not being winded there before. Wild. What a great feeling. I did manage to get out of the snowy parking lot without a lot of trouble. Then on to breakfast which was delicious.

Then on to stuffing. I can get the stuffing I need for the bears at a Michaels or a JoAnns and sometimes at the outlet store very near here. Usually I just bite the bullet and drive the 15 miles down south where there is both a Michaels and a JoAnns just to be safe. Not long ago I discovered there is a JoAnns fairly near where I have been eating breakfast on Saturdays. I found it (or rather the GPS on the phone did) and they had the stuffing I like and it was... half off!!!! Seriously. $25 for $50 worth of bear guts!! That buys me about 9 months worth. Nice. I would have actually bought more but the Smart Car would have had to be rejiggered to get it all in so I just declared victory with what I had.

I stopped at the grocery store for cat food and then faced the tire pressure issue. The light was still on. The book says if it s NOT blinking, it's probably just a pressure issue in one or more of the tires. It was not blinking.

I stopped into a Goodyear place and the lady was oh so nice when I explained my problem. She turned me over to a guy with a measurer and air and he found the pressure off in 3 of the tires and fixed it and as soon as I turned the motor on, the warning light was gone.

I tried to pay and they wouldn't take my money. I'd have given them the $25 that JoAnn saved me, I was so thrilled to be fixed.

The tire guy told me I was the second Smart Car he'd seen today. He said some guy came in with one that he'd put tires that were too big on and it had bent the frame!! wild.

Now I plan to get back to work on the router stuff. I want to lock it down and set up a monitor for checking the new IP's connectivity. And maybe even move it physically for better cable distribution. Although I may wait on that last part until I get it set up correctly and it runs a while. I don't want to mix in too many variables since I'm not at all sure what I'm doing.

Two network questions... + 1

I don't do this much - address any audience I might have - but I am pretty sure I have several people who read this regularly who know networky stuff and might be willing to share some info.

1. My webcam has two ip addresses, the internal (192.168.x.xxx) one and the public one. The setup I had with the old router was that when using a computer on my own network, I could NOT see the cam via the public ip and had to use the internal ip to see it.

I set it up the same way (I thought) with the new router but now I can see the cam via either the internal ip or the public one.

Did I set it up wrong before? or this time? or is all fine and I should worry about something else?

2. Since windows first made me chose networks on my computers, I've always picked Public. I don't know why. I always have and it's always worked. One time a Comcast guy was here to fix a problem and he had a shit fit that I was using Public instead of Home or Work.

Is this really an issue? I've been doing it this way for years and would never even have thought about it had he not made such a deal out of it. Since I'm resetting everything up again should I reset this? What ramifications does my changing from Public to Home have?

3. Ok, now I am totally stumped. I went to the router and set up security and set up a passphrase/key thing and locked down the wireless. Then I went to my netbook prepared to enter said passphrase/key thing and it wants a Userid/password. What the fuck is that about??? I tried using the computer name with the computer password, the computer name with the passphrase/key thing, the passphrase/key thing by itself. Nothing. THIS is why I've had an open network all these years! GRRRR What the hell is windows wanting so I can access the damn network?? Apparently, I fucked up the setting on the router. Fixed now. doh.

downtown igloo

As I pulled out of my garage this morning I spied this beauty. It is (or by now probably more accurately was) on Occidental just across from Century Link Field. It was adorable. And even had furniture, a candle and beer inside!




Done, done and done!

The network is all set up and locked down and everyone seems ok with it. The TiVos, the phones, the computers and the webcam. I can't find any wrinkles yet.

On one side of the room, I have the TV, the TiVos, a switch and the cable modem.

On the other side of the room I have the router and another switch and the computers.

Right now I have the cable from the modem to the router and the cable from the one switch running across the hallway which I hate.

I'm thinking I'll move the router over to the TV side and then plug the switch on the computer side into an extender (which is now currently in the bedroom but not needed really). Then no cables across the hall!

But, I'm going to leave well enough alone at least for a week and maybe a couple. We're a good six weeks and probably more like sixteen weeks from Sheri's redesign being implemented so I've got time.

Now I'm going to relax, watch some TV and it me a bear.

It feels so good to feel good.