January 9th, 2012

Countdown to go

I've got two hours before time to leave. Leaving in two hours will likely get me to the gate way way too soon but it will give e ample time to walk slowly if I need to.

It's rather luxurious to have such a leisurely Monday morning. All the work done the previous work is published at midnight on Sunday so Monday morning is checking and following up and doing all the post publish admin work. I actually could have gotten up early and done that today but it was a huge publish week and I did not want to take a chance on bumping up against my leaving time so it's vacation day for me. Luxurious.

Next up, finish coffee, shower, dress, pack computer, futz til 9:30ish.
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today's basket

this bear is white, white, white. i always feel like i should wash my hands before picking up the needle and then i picture it gray and grubby in a kid's hands and the mother getting all scoldy about getting the bear dirty. just nothing good. i hate white. why in the world did i put this skein in my order??? sigh.

Ok! The hardest part est accomplee!

Walking to the train and from the train to the terminal and getting through security and walking to the gate turned out to be nearly a nothing burger!!! Very little huffing and puffing. Only about half the traffic passed me so I wasn't even going that slowly.

I was so worried about this part and now it is done. Whew.

Now I am sitting in the gate area with all the other Seattle geeks heading to CES. I remember this from last year. Pretty funny.

One dude is reading a book with pages! WTF?? He must be going to see his grandma.

Most peops are cellphoning it. There's a tablet or two. And a few laptops. I cannot see one Kindle or one iPad. Weird.

My grapes made it through security so now I'm going to eat them.

Update... so far

I did ok walking through the Las Vegas airport but I did stop to get an inhaler hit because I didn't know what was up ahead walking wise. Last year, my brother and I stumbled over the MGM Grand registration desk at the airport. This year, it was a bitch to find. I doubt they moved it.

Last year we got the very warmest reception. Today I got the Cold Bitch From Hell. I told her I did not care anything about the view but that I would really appreciate a room near the elevator. Unfortunately, I assumed she knew I meant the hotel elevator, not the some fucking elevator in the next county! But, she did hear the 'don't need a good view' instructions.

It's ok. Remember the scooter? There was some dude picking up a scooter as I came into the hotel. It was a beat up ratty scooter. Turns out, the hotel has some kind of scooters but I got mine through CES - a MUCH better deal. My scooter is cute and pretty and new and has a basket.

I'd never ever driven one before but caught on pretty fast that the turtle meant slow and the rabbit meant fast. I'm no dummy. But, seriously, they could have provided some simple instructions. There are a lot of people in the lobby who are lucky they didn't get mowed down.

All my growing up, whenever we stayed in a hotel or motel, my brother was always always in charge of getting the ice bucket filled - the minute we got there. He was great at it. He did it last year when we got here. I had to go get my own goddamn ice ... but I had the scooter so it wasn't too bad.

I was really not wild about the scooter deal and very nearly canceled it but now I am very glad I did not and glad to have it. I think I'll see more stuff and be more adventurous with it.

Oh, and the

The wifi in the hotel sucks. I mean really sucks. You have to scroll down this gynormous page of legal shit that takes forever to get to the accept button and then it redirects you to the MGM hotel page which even at lightening speeds is a hog and of could that page never loads.

I already have the phone plugged in and charging so I just fired up its hotspot and now I'm getting a workable connection! It's not fast but it's way faster than the hotel's. And since it's Sprint, I don't have to worry about data caps. Nice.

Next up is to go down to the concierge and get a map of the hotel. The one in the room uses a font that requires special powers to even see. Then it's off to find the CES badge place - there's one in the hotel and if I remember correctly, it's down by the monorail station...

And then maybe out for some dinner or a drink at one of the bars with some people watching...