January 5th, 2012

Figuring out the new normal

The other day I heard a list of over-used words and phrases. I agreed with the list for the most part and particularly with the phrase 'new normal'. And here I am perpetuating the problem... Sigh.

But, I've now had some hours to contemplate the breathing news of the week and I think I'm kind of over the bummed and onto the ok, so now what. Since I know it's not psychosomatic, I can focus more comfortably on exactly how I feel and what to do about it. I grilled yesterday's doctor about the 'as needed' inhaler. I'd been kind of using it 'just in case' but now know that isn't necessary so I'm only using it now when I actually feel the need. That way I will also be able to get a handle on patterns, good days/bad days, etc.

And I put away all evidence of the problem. All papers and packaging are either tossed or filed. One inhaler is in the bedroom drawer (it can't be kept in the bathroom) and one is in the bathroom drawer. Yesterday I was pretty down about the whole thing and every time I spied some evidence, I got downer. So today, I'm trying denial. So far it's way better.

zimzat was kind enough to give me a heck of a deal on the EVO he got at Google I/O lo those many years ago now (2?). My own EVO had developed a non-reparable handicap. The new EVO arrived yesterday and it's so nice to have a fully capable, fully functional phone again. My other phone - the EPIC4G was rendered useless (to me anyway) with the latest OS update by Samsung so it's been relegated to the bedroom as a backup phone.

The EVO was in need of some updates. Badly in need, actually. HTC does not accumulate them. So you download and install and update. Check again. Download and install and update. Check again... etc. Most take several hours to download - even on wifi. I am now downloading the 4th or 5th one.

I need to take the Christmas bow off the car. I drove through MacDonald's yesterday and the cute little cashier girl said 'oh did you get that fun car for Christmas?!' A perfectly rational conclusion, I realized. I like having the decoration, though so I'm going to hunt around for some other kind of ornament for it.

Swim class at noon today. Work is light today and probably tomorrow as well. And then I'm off for a week.
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Don't try that again... at least for a while

So with my new found info, I tried a test today. I felt fine this morning so I did not use the 'as needed' inhaler. Turns out that it is definitely needed if I'm going to swim! I was a huffing/puffing coughing machine all through class. Ok. Lesson learned. Make sure that I have 'as needed' before I hit swim class. Got it.

Took a hit when I got home and all is fine now.


I've had internet connection issues for the past couple of days. Something's crapping out. It's either Comcast, the cable modem or the router. I mentioned it on Google+ and a Comcast guy left a comment to email him the phone number and he'd look into it. This has happened to me before on Twitter (and it might well be the same guy) but it was very nice to see it on G+ since I'm never on Twitter any more. As promised, he checked, re-provisioned on his end and reported back that he couldn't see anything but to let him know if it happens again.

I know people bitch and moan about Comcast - in fact, someone left a rather whiny, bitchy, comment to my G+ entry - but I've mostly only gotten superior service from them. I have tv issues never and internet issues maybe once a year if that much. The rest of the time it's like electricity and water. It's just there. thankyoujesus.


I'm going to West Seattle next Sunday for brunch. There's a place I tried once and said I wanted to try again and never did so I will and then I'm going to their Farmer's Market to get some of this guy's biscuits. http://www.honestbiscuits.com/ They look delicious and perfect for taking on the plane food.
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From elsewhere...

On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/aEFWpF8arA6), I said:

Health insurance just makes my brain hurt. I just now - after having it explained to me about a dozen times over the past two weeks - understand how my drug payments are priced. Normal people would have figured it out easily last week. Me... I'm special. But I've got it locked in now. Of course our benefits change at the end of this month, so I'll have to learn all over again in February. arugh.