The Usge...

I was not interested in getting up this morning. Not at all but I am always not interested in decision making at that hour so I get up and don't think about it. And, while I'm usually not adverse to getting up that early, I never ever ever regret it once I'm in the pool.

That paragraph is a great example of fairly coherent but really convoluted sentence structure. Dear 7th grade teacher, You said I'd use the sentence architecture you were teaching me, for the rest of my life and you were right. And yes, I am sorry I didn't pay more attention.

A truck of chicken feathers turned over and spilled on the interstate highway not far from here this morning. Why the hell is there even a truck load of chicken feathers??? Turns out, thankyougoogle, they are used in paper production and we've got a fair amount of that still left around here. So that's my something new learned today.

Last Fall, I pulled out all the Summer shirts in my closet and folded each very carefully and stacked them in the far corner. Several weeks ago, I pulled out the two stacks and now, every day, I blindly grab the one on top.

All the shirts in the stacks were made by me using patterns and skills that were not yet honed to what I have today. My expectations are low. In fact, I toyed with the idea of just putting both the stacks into the Goodwill bag and making all new ones. But, I decided to wear them all for at least a day first.

So far I've been delighted and impressed and picked not one single one for the Goodwill bag. Today's is one I made of scraps. The originals were failures and this was made from the pieces left over. And, it's delightful. I wish I'd made the neck a little bigger but, hey, learning.

I've got sewing projects stacking up. At least in my brain anyway. I have the new Mariner shirt that is cut out and waiting for assembly. I want to make a new purse. I'm ready to add a swimsuit to my rotation.

Last night's Mariner game went into extra innings ... again. (Which is why getting up this morning was not as much fun.) But, they also managed to win again so worth it.

Last night's Taylor Swift concert was interesting. The crowd was huge but very well behaved (old people??). People filled the sidewalks and giant tracker trailer trucks filled the parking lot and tribes of porta potties lined the block.

This morning, the ONLY thing left is the porta potties. When I pulled out of my garage this morning at 4:45, the last tracker trailer truck was leaving headed out to the highway. What a life that must be.

Ok, time to get up and get going. Also load 1 of 2 is ready to move from washer to dryer.

I'm slow but I get there

I got laid off from my last job 6 years ago. I really was not ready. I knew it was my last job that very day but lived in denial while I hunted around, kinda, for a new job.

Maybe it was because the decision wasn't really mine or maybe it was because I never had considered retirement or maybe it was because I really liked working, but, for whatever reasons, it took me a really really long time to get the hang of retirement.

I was really embarrassed, initially, to even admit it. When someone asked me what I did, I avoided the question. That went on for a year or more. I had trouble getting comfortable with my days. When they opened up LA Fitness in West Seattle and I could swim every single day, that helped. (Before that, I swam most days at one city pool or another but none was open for laps every single day.)

I still struggled a little with the rest of the day. Not bored at all but just not comfortable. Until this year. This year, I finally feel comfortable. I no longer worry that I'm wasting time or should be doing this or that. I have finally learned to go with the flow and just enjoy whatever is happening. Hard to believe it took me so long but at least I'm glad I got here.

I'm considering a trip over to Uwajimaya later on this morning. I need the steps and Zoey needs more pumpkin and I can get a poke bowl for lunch. Otherwise, I have lots of sewing projects - none with hard deadlines. A baseball game tonight.

Happiness is a bullet poop

I think Zoey is on the mend or maybe even mended. She was not nearly as clingy when I got home from the pool this morning nor was she as ravenous. She did eat her breakfast but didn't clean the bowl. All these things are normal Zoey and not her lately. But, the big sign was the nicely formed solid poops she left for me in the litter box. So...yeah! And, whew.

This morning's swim was great but, according to my tracker, not vigorous enough so there will definately be a walk today. I could tour the dozens of porta potties put out just below my terrace for tomorrow's Taylor Swift concert.

Otherwise today will be just a normal day in the retired life of me. I did design a new Mariners blouse yesterday during the slow parts of the game. I think I may even have enough Mariner fabric in house to pull it off. If not, I the fabric store down the street (the one I hate) will have more to fill in.

There's no ball game today so I can catch up on my season finales. I'm anxious to start season 2 of The Good Fight but I don't want to start up that subscription until I'm caught up on the regular stuff.

The weather is lovely here - low 70's mostly and looks to continue that way for the next week or so. I'm down with that plan.


Today's Diamond game was an afternoon game and the weather was - well, kind of whatever you wanted. I got chilly on the way to the stadium and had to stop to put my coat on. The actual game was fine for the first hour and then the sun came out and I had to put sun screen on and it was hot. And then, 2 hours later, it was cloudy and windy. Wild.

The Mariners gave up 2 runs in the 1st. And then not another run was made and they only had one hit. Til the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs when they tied it. And then won it in the 11th. It was pretty freaking fun. Lots more people hung around this time and my section was in heavy high 5 mode. It was great.

I'm just a teensy weensy bit worried. They Mariners have won a lot of games. They are in 2nd place in their division. If they keep this up, then the whole thing changes. No more stress free - sure, they lose but it's fun to watch them play games. The games will start to count and this shit could get serious.

But, it's only May yet and these are the Mariners so probably NBD.

Zoey is still begging for food and showing signs of intestinal distress but eating all the pumpkin and seems very cheery and perky and is, in fact, right now standing between me and the keyboard begging for head scratches. In the most polite way.

My friends from New Zealand are in Hawaii. I got a message from him today with a picture of the beautiful place they are staying in "Hi from Waikiki.Buy Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreen stock. We have been to all in the 24 hours we have been here 😀" Hahahaha I know Julie's having the vacation of her dreams. And Scott's happy because she is. What fun.

Nothing else to report. I have a load of laundry in the dryer - and clean sheets on the bed. I have TiVo to watch and a good book to listen to. All is very copacetic.


As I was walking at the strip mall today, I saw a car pull up and a little boy hop out and bolt - I mean he could not get there fast enough - for the Game Stop store while his mom drove on. He was probably 10 or 11 and I think she just went to park.

But, the look on his face. I built this whole back story about his doing chores and/or being good and finally accumulating enough money to get that one game he wanted. He finally got the amount he need last week but had to wait until Saturday morning before he could get anyone to take him to the store. Those were some long days, man.

I think I was in about 6th grade so 12 when I started really getting frustrated by no transportation. We had buses but they were hard to figure out and I took one once to the library, without asking first, and we severely discouraged from trying that gambit again. We lived in North Carolina where you had to be 16 to drive. In South Carolina, you could get a learners permit at 14. I felt like I had to wait 4 years to live. 4 years to freedom.

That little kid this morning, reminded me what a joy it is to be my own person with my own car and my own money and do what I want to do when I want to do it how I want to do it. It's been 57 years since I was 12. Thankgoodness!


This is one of those days when living in the north west part of the country really pays off. The sun is out so those who area always bitching about cloudy days can just shut the fuck up. BUT the temperature is heaven. 61 degrees. It is even cool here in this living roo - 70 degrees. Perfection.

I especially appreciate it when I glance at the temperature at my brother's house... 96 degrees. The lowest temperature there - central Texas - this week will be 72 degrees. And it's only May. I not only could not live there, it's hard to even watch the webcam of his backyard chickens. I really do hate heat.

My swim today was particularly good. I listened to the swimming playlist which I did not enjoy particularly - way too much rap and hip hop for me - but it kept me moving, that's for sure. One of my fastest most efficient swims. But, I'm deep sixing that play list. Life's too short and there's too much music I do enjoy.

After swimming I went shopping. Target, Sally's, QFC. I went to a shopping center where all those places are just far enough apart to give me a nice little walk, too.

Target was rife with little kids. It was kind of weird there were so many. I did hear one little girl - maybe 8ish - pull out her most authoritative voice and try to negotiate with her little brother... "I'll buy you something if you obey me." It cracked me up. I did not hear what happened. But, I can imagine.

Zoey is the same. Still has the shits and an overactive appetite but otherwise perky and happy and seemingly her usual self. She's scarfing down the pumpkin. Ugh. Cat food is gross enough but orange cat food. Seriously, really gross.

I have no plans for today. Some TV. Some crochet. Some baseball. Just a nice, cool, Saturday.