Reports of my success are greatly exaggerated...

The longer yesterday got, the less breath I had. When I can't get enough air, I just feel like crap. I finally went to bed early in hopes the crappy would be gone by morning and, but, of course, couldn't get to sleep. I kept shoving albuterol in every 4 hours. At 3:30, I got up to pee and inhaled some more albuterol and finally felt better. This morning, I feel much better but still feel some effects. Damn it.

I already have a slot reserved for swimming next Wednesday. And by then, I am sure I'll be delighted. But, do I want to go through this again after? I need to conjure. Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and go to the Ballard LA Fitness. (Their pool is treated with a different kind of chemical set that my lungs do not hate. I hate going all that way but I've done it before. I can do it again.)

Years and years ago, aellia was active on LJ. I watched her grandchildren arrive in this world and grow up to be teenagers before she peeled off into that x-LJ abyss. This morning, I had a comment from someone asking is I was the same susandennis who had been friends with her years ago. How wild is that? When I told her I was, indeed, she told me that Penny had passed away a couple of years ago. At least I can quit being mad at her for not coming back to LJ!

Today's Leave The House adventure will be to go shopping at the recycled crafts store. They have hung on by their fingernails all this time and I do miss their treasures. You never know what you are going to find there. I've been many times and found nothing I wanted and many times and found armfuls. Today I am going to just see what's there and, hopefully find something fun.

I feel like my lungs need some more action than sitting on the count knitting. Not a lot but at least a little.

But, meanwhile, here's a twofer photo... my ever so satisfyingly growing log cabin square/scarf/blanket - future as yet undetermined and, Biggie In The Sun


chlorine crust

Swimming was wonderful. I did 1,700 yards and it felt so good. My arms are tired and my lungs are telling that they are not up for more than once a week but I think once a week will work.

After my swim, I ordered up from Ezell's chicken across the street.I got home to my clean house and chowed down. Biggie no longer meets me at the door when I come home. He's too cool. Today, I was finished eating and no sign of him. I checked his usual haunts and nothing. Finally he came out of the sewing room which is where I was going to look next.

MLB TV has the video broadcast of today's Mariner game. It's wonderful to see it but these announcers are underwhelming. Spring training broadcasts are also peppered with live interviews of all kinds of people and the quality is horrible. They were just talking to one of the Mariners and the static was so bad it hurt. My list of things that COVID has made better does not include broadcast quality - news people who talk through masks, really bad zoom and skype and baseball... ugh.

Speaking of masks, I saw two things when I was out today... One group of about 10 young men - boys really - in a group in the parking lot of a strip mall - gang meeting or drug buy or both but every single one of those dudes was wearing a mask. Then waiting for the pool to open, a kid skateboarded right by me, into the parking lot just under the NO SKATEBOARDING sign but, by dern, he was wearing a mask! This is not Texas.

I have not showered yet. My hair is wired straight out of my head and my skin feels like it's dry and crinkly. So I think I'm going to take of that right now.

Pretties near the pool building.


Swim Day

Fitbit is having a bit of a fit. But, they just tweeted that they know about it and are fixing it so fine but... how did I sleep last night? I have no idea until they fix their system... I think it was a good sleep but how will I know for sure??

The house cleaner comes today so I need to clear out of here by 9:45ish. The pool doesn't open til 11:30. I have no great plan. Worst case, I sit in my car at the pool and read. There's a Walgreen's on the way and I may just stroll through there for a bit but, I've got no bigger/better plan.

Still no word from the Mariners on asses in seats. My guess is that means there will be none. At least not in April. I wonder if my guy is even still there on the payroll. I did get the season ticket holder free MLB.TV deal and some invitations to buy Spring Training tickets but other than that, crickets. In a normal year, my mailbox would be full of news and plans.

I finished up a small blanket last night - one I did from scraps. Then I pulled out the knitting needles for a change and started a new one... from scraps.


So when I get home from the pool, I'll be working on this in my clean house!

1 victory, 1 fail

A while back, dadi convinced me to try those bags of little avocados instead the big ones. I've now done it twice and I'm totally converted. Tonight I had the best little salad of cubed roma tomato, cubed tiny avocado, a a bit of chopped onion. I nuked a few steak slices and it was a perfect dinner. I may do it tomorrow and substitute those chicken bits I got for the steak.

I did not get a picture of Biggie in his tree today. He was out there this morning but it was still darkish and I get that weird glint off the window. So I thought I'd wait until later. When later came, he was in a very long nap on the newly changed bed. Clean sheets and clean, new duvet cover that I scored at Goodwill. By the time he got up, it was dark out. Oh well. I missed another day, already, too.

I can only get better from here.

It was a lovely day. My Goodwill trip was very productive. And tomorrow is a swim day!


Today's outing is the Goodwill Store. I have a bag + of stuff to donate and then some shopping. They are having a linen sale which, I hope, means they will have more out than usual. I'm still not sewing much but could get inspired by the right sheets!

And then there will be a baseball game this afternoon.

The house cleaner comes tomorrow so I need to make sure everything is put away. It mostly is. Biggie ensures that all the little stuff is safely inside drawers or behind doors. And the bigger stuff generally annoys me enough to keep it put away. So it's mainly just walking through with an eye out for stuff. I sent her a text about not needing to vacuum here any more.

Robby is running right now. I stopped him with the phone app so I could adjust the virtual wall around the fireplace. Biggie ran right over to investigate. He was a little flummoxed when I started the vacuum up again but has now recovered carefully watching from his perch on the table.


I was planning out places I want to go and things I want to do and, it turns out, that the list is not nearly as long as I imagined. Google explained that some of my favorites are gone. Sigh. But, I'm still on a one outing a day plan. I may end up just walking around the block for the outing but, I'm fine with that. I considered expanding my treadmill time but decided that was not a good plan. I am able to do the treadmill every single day but only because I promise myself it's only for 25 minutes. Even 30 minutes seems like a treadmill too far.

In my world, doing what is good for me is only acceptable if it points directly to my being able to live the life I want. I don't do most medical tests, for instance, because if something is found, they will want to treat it and there goes the life I want. I'm perfectly fine with a shorter, better life. I walk on the treadmill because it helps me have the stamina to do what I want. I'm not willing to spend a lot of time and effort doing stuff I do not want that 'may' pay off someday. These are decisions only for me and not for everyone.

I am having trouble concentrating this morning. Shiny!!Syndrome. My attention span has catch and release - itis. So I think I'll just stop trying, go get dressed and head over to Goodwill.

Monday and the 1st of the month and... March! Wow.

Biggie's going through a thing. He has found toilet paper. He does not roll it out like normal cats. He attacks it. A perfectly fine roll one minute and, I go to pee and the thing is in shreds. Several times now. This morning, he ran all over the house at top speed while I was on the treadmill, at bottom speed.

And then, I'm having coffee and catching up on the world when this. The world is not important, I guess, as Stickie.


My favorite pitcher has now annoyed me. He and his wife have been in Seattle now for several years. They spend the on and off season madly going from one good deed to another. They raise money, they feed the homeless, they take backpacks to kids in need. They are everywhere with big kind smiles on their faces. I've met them a couple of times and they just seem like such cool kids. And smart. But, apparently not smart in math.

They are now pregnant. Baby girl. Due in fucking Summer. What is it with baseball players? They have four, for sure, and five if they are the Mariners, months in which there is no baseball. They can sit around and do whatever they want whenever they want. All they have to do is count backwards 9 months and fuck.

But, no, they insist on procreating so their baby is born in baseball season so the player will miss games and then every single birthday until he retires. Ridiculous.

I thought my guy and his girl were better than that. I was wrong.

But at least we won yesterday - in the 9th inning. And my favorite announcers called the game. It was a good start.

This morning I went back to Costco and got my drugs. I then walked around the store until Fitbit said I had my steps for the day.

I have monthly chores - check my FICO score at various places, update my spreadsheet with the zillow estimate on my condo, put enzyme sticks in the drains, and grease up the treadmill. These are the things I do on the first of the month.

Also, on the first of the month, I update my temperature scarf data by adding the daily high temperatures to my spreadsheet. Here's the scarf from January 1 through February 17. Each row is a day and the color says what the high temperature was that day. I use the very dark navy to separate the months. It's not going to be the most gorgeous scarf in the world but it will be fun to see how the temperature changes.


I bought Breaking News in Yuba County with my Amazon slow delivery bonus money. May save it. May watch it. No baseball until tomorrow.

Let the games begin!

Today at 12:10, the Mariners will play their first game of the season. At Spring Training. I'm ready.

Before that, I should be getting my next pastries any minute now. Today's line up looks so amazing.

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I just went to the Humana site to see if my doctor visit last week had hit the books yet. (I get a $20 Amazon gift card for getting an annual checkup.) It had not BUT I did see that the Costco prescriptions were listed and I was way surprised to see how much cheaper Costco is than Amazon Pharmacy. I get 3 cheap drugs. $18 for all three for a 90 day supply at Costco. Amazon Pharmacy doesn't do 90 days but their 30 day cost for those three drugs is $16. Even with my 5% credit card cash back, I'm still getting squeezed there. Very glad now that I switched back to Costco. I still have the expensive inhaler at Amazon Pharmacy and that price is the same both places. Switching it would mean bugging the physician's assistant in dr. lung's office. I'll just leave it for now.

I have some house chores that need to be done today. I've already done the vacuuming. Once Robby was back charging, Biggie went over to have some words. I wasn't watching but I could hear Robby backing out and resetting into the charger a couple of times. When I did go to look I found Biggie sitting next to it with a paw on the top. I did not ask. I just left them to work it out on their own. They apparently did.

I do need go get the stick vacuum out for the terrace. I could carry Robby over there but it seems easier just to do it myself.

I think all go get dressed and pastry delivery ready.