Some kid in Florida, yesterday swam 50 yards in under 18 seconds. Twice. This is the first time anyone has done it in under 18 seconds. I kept thinking about that this morning. My music player tracks my laps and, every 5 laps, tells me how I'm doing. Today I got the message 6 times and the lap times ranged from 92 seconds to 106. So if that Florida guy was swimming next to me, he'd just be flying by. Of course, my pool is only 25 yards so having to turn around costs me lots of seconds... ha!

My gym always closes early on Easter Sunday which cracks me up every time. 1. This isn't the South. Easter isn't a gynormous holiday around here. 2. WTF with Easter Sunday night? Am I missing some big bunny bashes that happen on Easter Sunday night? It's no biggie for me because the gym opening time is the only one that matters to me.

Yesterday I said I was maybe going out to the Japanese grocery and I did not. I want things, grocery things, but the stuff I want is only available at multiple stores. I have the spoons for one store maybe. We'll see.

I just noticed that there are buds on The Tree That I Hate (because it blocks my view from May to October). This is not good. But it is inevitable.

I am off to the sewing room now to make my monkey shirt.


Today I made a shirt that is exactly what I want in every way. But, the biggest part of that success is that I made it from a pattern that I created so I can make it again any time I want.

The problem is my shape. I have the shoulders of a 12 year old, the bust of an 18 year old but one who's boobs fell down all the way and the hips of an elephant. I am one giant pear.

So a shirt, off the rack, let's say may fit me perfectly around the butt but then will be way too big from the waste up. A key indicator of this is when the shoulder seam of the sleeve cap falls way past the shoulder. Sometimes a drop shoulder style is intentional but when it's not, it look like you stole some giant's shirt.

Lots and lots of trial and error. Some errors are not so horrible I can't wear them but some errors went right into the fabric recycling bin. But now I have a pattern that nails the shoulder situation. I can make it with bigger sleeves, longer sleeves, blousier middle, tunic style... a bunch of different ways and I know it will be perfect. Yahoo!!!


Next is to try the pattern with a non-stretchy fabric. Tomorrow. Probably.

The whacko guy who lives next door has brought me baked goods in the past. He's also told me, in the elevator, that he'll be bringing me something and then never does. So when he tells me stuff, I say 'great! thanks!!' and smile and forget about it.

Last week he told me he was going to bring me a lobster. He'd been to Boston and ordered a dozen shipped here. He said he'd cook it and bring it over on Wednesday. I 'great thanks!!'. And forgot about it.

And, then, a few minutes ago, he brought me this:


Lobster, corn on the cob, corn bread, biscuit, asparagus wrapped in bacon and potatoes. I had been kind of toying with making it a 13 Coins dinner tonight, but not now!


Having a clean house and the a/c sorted for the Summer and all my taxes paid for the year - all things that happened this week - gives me amazing peace. My little world, which, let's face it, is as pretty darned stress free as you can get, is even more calm and serene. ohmmmmmmm

I've got nothing that has to happen today and plenty to keep me entertained. The sun is taking a break so I might take a walk over to Uwajimaya, the Japanese grocery. Poke for lunch sounds good.

I ended up with no time in the sewing room yesterday. So I owe me some and I do plan to cash in today.

I just saw an interesting tweet about something called Steroid Inhaler Laryngitis (SIL). It says that people using these inhalers that contain steroids often suffer from voice issues. DOH!! I said this for the entire 3 years I was sucking down Advair! One time Dr. Lung even remarked "You sound hoarse, has that been going on long?" YES! Ever since I started taking Advair. I bitched and complained but no one listened. When I switched inhalers my voice came back immediately. So now my 'imagination' is a thing! With it's own cool acronym. I feel validated.

Ok, coffee's done. Time to get off my butt and get crackin'.


Last night I made up a tear off flyer to sell the old air conditioner and put it on the bulletin board in the garage. $200. Got a call about it at 10 am. Sold it and watched it roll out of my house at 1 pm. Feels nice and efficient. The guy who bought it lives down the hall. He has no apartment building in front of him and said that already today his living room was too warm to be comfortable. It's 65 degrees in here.

So 1. yeah for selling it and reclaiming that storage space and 2. now I feel better about the natural temperature control in my place. But, he also said his heating bills were horrendous in winter and I don't even have a working heater so hmmmm

I moved a cabinet to a new home and now the new air conditioner is sitting nicely in its own nook.


My housecleaner brought me a delicious chicken salad sandwich for lunch. I mean it was top notch chicken salad. Delish. And my house is clean.

I found a couple of excellent fabric bargains at Goodwill and remembered to check my list so got everything at the grocery store. Score.

I saw on Instagram that seattlejo is headed to Charleston today. At first it was jarring. Why is she going to Charleston??? No one goes to Charleston from here! Then I remembered... she works at Boeing and they have a huge plant there so I'm guessing it's a work trip.

My parents retired to Charleston and loved it. In 1999 Daddy died so I made lots of trips to Charleston to help out Mom. We always had a great time. It's a fun town with lots o' great food. But, November of 2004 was my last trip. Mom died 13 years ago this month. So it's been 13 years since I was there. Wow. seattlejo asked me for what/where she should eat and I have nothing. I don't know the place any more. But she can't go wrong. They know their food. Plus, they have Bojangles!

The years do kind of shock me. I've had some really fun dreams recently about Mom - in many ways, it's hard to believe she's been gone that long. Also hard to believe her baby girl will be 69 years old next week.

But on the other end of the spectrum in exactly ten days, I'll be going to my first Mariner game of the season!!! I'm ready.


I got a splinter in the top of my finger yesterday. It was too small to get out and it didn't hurt so I just left it. But, an hour in the water this morning moved it enough so it bugged me. So I dug around with a sewing needle until finally I nudged it out. The whole time I'm having not fun flash backs to when my mom would dig splinters out when I was a kid. MUCH nicer experience to do it myself. She was a butcher. All better now.

While swimming, I rearranged my living room a bit to accommodate the giant white elephant. I think my plan is good. There's nook between the fireplace and the terrace that it will fit into nicely and outofthewayly when not in use and close enough to get it out easily when I want to. It has wheels but they are tiny and don't like the carpet. I think I'm going to get a small water heater tray to sit it on that will 1. make it easier to move across the carpet and 2. hedge against any leaks.

When the house cleaner gets here today, I'm going to get her to help me move the main piece that constitutes my plan and then I can cut the a/c into it's forever home.

Also, while swimming, I came up with a way to install the swimming noodle. I'm going to get a tension curtain rod and run it down the middle of the noodle from the top of the door frame to the top of the a/c insert. I could also use duck tape but I'd like to avoid that.

While the house cleaner does her thing, I'll make a stop at Goodwill. I have a couple of bags of stuff to drop off and I'll go in and get more shit to replace it. Then, the grocery store.

My new across the street neighbors have been MIA since Sunday BUT their cat is sitting in the window this morning. A pretty tuxedo. As I typed that, Zoey came out from here bedroom and is now trying to keep me from typing more.

A new mid season show on NBC called Good Girls has me hooked. You really need to start with episode 1. Totally worth it. Fun show with excellent cast.

My (snooty all girls private) high school is very good about sending alumnae shit and yesterday I got a publications of "class notes" with pictures and notes about all the - still alive - graduates. Last May was the 50th anniversary of my class. So you thumb through the booklet with pictures of girls and women and now, my class, is the old ladies in the back of the book. A lot (more than half) of my class showed up for the celebration. I could recognize a couple from the class photo but most of them, not. Some of the names I didn't even recognize. 50 is a lot of years even in people years.

Ok, time to get dressed.

Well... It's here...

I just asked myself... if I knew then what I know now, would I have ordered it? refused delivery? Been happy with either of those decisions? I'm not sure I have answers!

First of all it is HUGE and I mean gynormous and when I say big, I mean this is R2D2's older, NBA playing brother. Fortunately, the UPS guy brought it right to my door which was very unusual and very kind. Just getting the box from the hall to my inside was a struggle.


My original plan was to get the box to the living room and unpack. Not happening. Unpacking where it was wasn't a piece of cake. Moving it was not possible.


I tried several tricks and none worked for finally I just wrestled it slowly down the hall while the cat watched. And then I got the rest of it unpacked and the other bits and pieces unpacked and plugged it in and turned it on and the circuit breaker did not even squeak. YEAH!!

It has a lovely round magnetic remote that sits on the top in the center when not in use. Looks nice and keeps it from getting lost. Alexa likes it ... Alexa, turn on cool. Alexa, turn off cool. Nice. Also it has an app.

But mainly it is so big.


It comes with a nice bracket that fits in the bottom of a window for venting except I don't have a window. So I'll turn it vertical and stick it in the sliding glass door but I have about a 36"x4" gap that I need to fill with something. Maybe styrofoam. I've got time to noodle that out before it gets hot.

It is way more quiet than the other one and more attractive all the way around. (The other one required an ugly vent situation and it was not that attractive itself.)

The main thing right now is how big and heavy it is. There is no way I could ever package this up to send it back now or if it breaks or ever. So I think I'll like it and hope it stays healthy.

Now I need to clean up this mess.


Edit later: In comments jaywil totally solved the door gap issue... a pool noodle!!!! Genius. And a legit excuse to go to the dollar store. Perfect.


It came with foam to fill in the sides there and clearly, I need a longer noodle but I used this short one for proof of concept. Very cool.


My childhood TV was Pinky Lee and Winky Dink and Romper Room and Captain Kangeroo. Mr. Rogers was after my time. In college, for some reason that escapes me now, I had to have a course in early childhood education. Since even then, I didn't give a shit about early childs or educations, I conned the professor into letting me write a mini dissertation for the credits. I wrote it on the potentially damaging effects of Mr. Rogers' messages. Yep, I ripped Mr. Rogers and his sweater to shreds.

My Twitter feed has been loaded with Mr Rogers praise recently. I think it's some kind of anniversary. I remember none of the details of my paper, but I still have lingering skepticism of his preachings that get evoked with every tweet. Based on nothing.

Oh, and I got an A on the course and a note from the professor that I should 'expand and publish'. I thought he, the professor, was a crock of shit, too. I knew everything then.

Today that now famous air conditioner arrives. Just in time, too... it's really heating up here. It's 64 degrees in here now. I'll need to drag out some sweaters to put on when I test it. The past few years, I've pulled out and set up the A/C about mid-May. But last year I didn't even turn it on until June 22. I do like to be prepared, though. I hate hot so much.

And having it operable by Alexa will be a treat. I thought operating my shades by Alexa would be a parlor trick but, turns out, it is far easier and quick to use Alexa for moving them up and down than digging out the remote or firing up the app. I suspect the A/C will be the same way.

Tomorrow is house cleaner day so today I need to make sure I move stuff to where it belongs so she can actually clean. And make up a grocery list cause that's where I'll go while she's here.

And I'm out of breakfast burritos again. So I'll be making some of them this morning. And sewing.

I started a new book last night that promises to be a good one. It's the latest Thomas Perry. About a bomb maker. Kind of especially creepy in light of what's going on in Austin. Thomas Perry tells a good story but always always has one giant pull-you-out-of-the-book mistake in every book. It's now gotten to be a treasure hunt. The last one he had a character in Victoria, BC hail a cab to Vancouver (140 miles) and get there in minutes.

Ok, time to get off my butt and put some pants on it and get started with the day.