The end of the chair hunt

hopefulspirit posted pictures of her new house and new furniture yesterday and she had a chair I had come across with my internet searches but couldn't find. She said she got it at Costco. But even more importantly, she said it was comfortable.


So today I took my ample ass to Costco for a test drive. Found it. Sat on it. Declared it totally doable.

It's not my dream chair. BUT, it is big enough front and back and side to side. It is easy to get in and out of. It's upholstered in a boring but not so bad a-little-bit-nubly gray/brown/tweed that I can live with. And... it's cheap (comparatively speaking).

This very nice Costco guy said that they had just added this furniture on July 1 so it's likely to be in stock for a while. That gives me time to figure out how to get it from the store to here. There is a service called Dolly here in town that is likely my best option.

I had a nice walk around Costco, bought a hot dog and ate it and walked back to the car. I spent $1.50 cash. The first cash I've spent in 8 days. I could have charged it but that just seemed ridiculous.

I did 2 loads of laundry. Now I need to fold the second one and then get on to my crochet project. It's a pattern test that, turns out, I don't love but I promised to do. Probably only take me about 2 more hours to finish.


This morning was the first morning that I was able to see the beginning of my favorite time of year. Well, not the beginning but at least a hint. I love the Fall so much. I pull out of the garage at about 4:45 am. I can see daylight then... until today. Today, it was still dark. The first 'still dark' day. I've lived here in Seattle now for more than 25 years and still I can't get used to how long these Summer days are. I go to sleep while it's still light and wake up while it's still light. That's crazy!

Also crazy? There was no one at the pool this morning! I swam for 55 minutes without seeing a soul. Finally, for the last 5 minutes, two of the regulars came in. It always makes me feel like I missed a memo when no one shows up but me.

I discovered this morning that, apparently, I've been sucking down an empty inhaler for the past few days. I take Spiriva for my COPD. The inhaler has a ticker thingie on the side to tell you when it's empty but the action - the twist, push the button, get the mist - all still works when it's empty so if you don't look, you don't know. I feel fine. I have not noticed any issues or problems breathing or coughing. I wonder what cutting my dosage to every other day would do? Besides saving me $350? I think I might try it.

Also this morning, I reached the end of my toothpaste, emptied my little bottle of hair conditioner and ran out of the body lotion I carry in my swim bag. If today is the last day of my life, it will have been a tidy finish, that's for sure!

Baseball is back today, yeah!! But before the first pitch, I have stuff to do. Stuff around here and then a trip to Costco and a stop at Amazon Fresh to drop off a return.

It's supposed to be warmer today but then get Africa hot for more than a week - according to the TV weather peops. My phone weather apps, however, say it will be about 10 degrees cooler than what the TV people say. Both agree, however, that it will be full sun in cloudless skies which is not good. But, in less than 6 weeks, September will be here. And bring reason to my universe again.

You looking for a pep talk or just sympathy?

I sent an email to my financial advisor and my cpa to ask them to think about how we plan for this giant tax gouge. My cpa had no tricks up his sleeve and even shared that real estate taxes over $10,000 aren't even deductible any more. But then Tyler, my financial advisor called and he said "Well, at this point are you looking for a pep talk or just sympathy?" I love this guy. He already had a plan in mind. But he did ask, for the first time, "Have you considered living somewhere else?" UGH.

Plus, I think the window on the sell-for-a-fortune option is closing. There are two units in the building for sale and both have been on the market for more than two weeks. For the past two years or more, units have offers within a week of hitting the market. Feels like the market is cooling. Even if it is, it will be years and years before the taxes cool. Sigh. I don't want to move anyway.

(The reality is that I can afford it. It's just such a shock. I'm very lucky. I'm not sure some of my neighbors actually can afford it. On the bright side, there are several of my neighbors who I can see hiring a lawyer to fight the assessment. So... fingers crossed?)

But I will say this has put the chair project in perspective. There is a chair on sale at Costco - at least some Costco's - that will work fine. Tomorrow I'm going to go check at my Costco. If they don't have it or I don't like it, I think I can just abandon the project for now.

My new bedroom TV finally got here and I love it. It's so simple to set up and operate. TCL really has nailed it in looks, price, set up and operation.

Still no baseball. It's back tomorrow. I think I'll Code Black and British Bake Off along with Jeopardy, of course.

Oh and the Amazon employee event is tonight. The musical entertainment spent the afternoon doing sound checks. The crowds are showing up now. It looks like they are going to fill up the stadium, the event center and the front lawn of the stadium. Still, not as big a deal as their annual family event - that's all the people who are here tonight plus their kids. It's usually on a Saturday and a Sunday.

I think tonight is the night I bought that emergency Chunky Monkey for.

Holy crap on a stick

I got the latest tax assessment for my condo today and the news sucks. Big time.

Here's the history of taxes on my condo since it was condo-ized. (It was an old railroad warehouse and I am the first owner of this condo. We got 100% tax relief for the first few years since it's an historic property.) I don't know what happen to the 2008 data. Weird.

Here's the short history of my tax bills.

My assessment has gone up 80.2%. My tax bill for last year (paid this year) was $4532. 80.2% of that is $3635. Add that to last year's bill and my taxes for this year (paid next year) will be $8167. Or $680 a month.

Can I hear a very loud WTF?????? AND that's ONLY if they do not raise taxes. And, of course, they will raise taxes. They always do.

Oh and if the city gets its way, I'll get an additional bill for living in this neighborhood to pay for the waterfront improvement. Currently they are saying that bill will be $3,600. So the property taxes for this condo next year will be $11,767 which comes out to $981 a month. That's the minimum. It will be more.  It's a damn good thing I do not have a mortgage. I've been joking about not being able to afford to live here but this is getting seriously close to no joke!

My only hope is that I'm totally misunderstanding the numbers and or my maths are broken. I hope hope hope.

On the bright side, the TV which now I should probably send back so I can save the sheckles... is closer to moi.

Delivery Day

Amazon's Prime Day means Thursday is UPS Day. I'm guessing that many of our buddies in brown are less than pleased at all the extra packages. Or greatful for continued employment. Also Amazon's delivery team. Amazon added new icons to its own delivery service maps. I do love watching the truck wing its way to my house.

UPS has an equally fun map but, while I am getting a package from them today, their map for my delivery isn't up yet.

Even with these fun deliveries happening today, I'm still obsessed with this seating issue. I killed way too many hours last night Googling 'chair and a half' in a million variations. There used to be a furniture store in a neighborhood north of here (Ballard) that carried a lot of mid century modern and other modern stuff. But, they also had off the wall wonderful stuff. It's where I bought the seat my ass is in now.

See that table on the side? I can remove it, slide the seat to the other side and put it there just below that little table that sticks up which I can replace with an arm. Also, that table that can go on either side? I can replace it with one of the bolsters in the ottoman. The options are endless. Plus it's easy to sit on and get up out of.


I fell in love with this the minute I saw it and there were 3 more similar amazingly different and wonderful pieces in the store at the same time. Sadly, that store is no more. And I can't find its progeny. There is a Scan Design in a suburb north of here. Their website kind of looks like it might have a possibility or two.

I've poured over Wayfair and Overstock and also dug around for 'returned large pieces because I didn't like them' stories. I haven't really gotten a satisfactory bead on the situation. Plus, there's nothing there I love love love love.

I think I need to just take a breath and forget about it for a while. I just don't seem capable of doing that.

It's another lovely, cloudy morning. It looks like the Amazon employee event went well. They had all of the entry stuff and tents still up this morning but there's nothing happening today so plenty of time to get to it all.

Today I need to plan out some sewing projects. I'm taking a class next week on wallet making and I need to pick out some fabrics. Also I think it's time for a new pocket book. The sewing room is the farthest from the air conditioner so it gets a little warm. But if I'm organized, I can do a little sewing, come out and cool off and then go back in, etc.

Also, today the new TV arrives so I'll need to set that up. Since it's just exactly a smaller version of the living room one, it's not going to be a BFD. But, I'm excited to have a TV in there that isn't a PIA to operate.

OHHHHH my package is getting closer!

Maybe I'll go get dressed so I'll be ready when it gets here.


The housecleaner was happy to get the other TV as well. So, yeah. She didn't want the sofa but Barrie said Salvation Army will pick up. They didn't used to pick up from locations downtown but, apparently, they have changed their tune. They have a scheduler online. Their first available was August 2 so that's what I picked. Yeah!!

Zoey's going to miss those big, fat arms. This is her now.


Barrie also suggested a consignment shop that I had forgotten about. Barrie and her husband have a house full of gorgeous and creative/inventive pieces of furniture. So I grilled her. After our breakfast I went to that consignment shop. They did, indeed, have some very cool shit but nothing that fits my current problem. Their website, however, has a wishlist so I added my wish.

West Elm has a couple of not terrible options that might even scootch past ok to good. I need to go sit on them but their timeline, price and fabric colors are better than anyone else's. The store is located in the middle of Amazon/Google/Facebook offices/dwellings so I'm pretty sure their clientele is not fat old retired ladies. I need to adjust my attitude and expectations before I got waltzing in there. And probably break out the bullhorn since I'm sure I will be invisible to them.

My house is clean again. And my scheme of turning on the A/C after the housecleaner left worked perfectly. I checked the camera from the restaurant and saw her turn out the lights and leave. Then I just hit 'power on' from the A/C app and when I got home all was cool. Very cool (hahahha I see what I did there.)

Next up is crochet. I promised to test a pattern so I should get to it.


God, I love clouds. And we've got them this morning saving us from that unrelenting stupid sun. The Sun will be back full force - 90's - at the beginning of next week but right now, we have a wonderful reprieve. There were even a few rain drops - well, drizzle drops - on the way to the pool this morning.

The housecleaner comes today and yeah! Because my brother was here, it's now been 3 weeks instead of the usual 2 since she was here and it shows. I'm going to ask her if she wants the brown loveseat and if she does, let her take it at her convenience. I can fill in the hole with other and then will be ready to pounce on a replacement if/when I find one. A good sit is important to this old fat woman.

Also I'll give her the TV in the bedroom. I know she'll want that. The new one arrives tomorrow.

Today is also the first day of her cleaning while the new air conditioner is running. She had a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I love Dyson's stuff but energy efficiency is not a hallmark. If she plugs it into the same circuit as the air conditioner, there will be a guaranteed circuit trip.

I won't be here but I can check the cam to make sure she's done and then turn the a/c back on and/or check it with my phone so the house will be coll when I get home. I love gadgets.

I'm going to meet my swim friend, Barrie, for brunch. It's been forever since we've had a catchup so I'm really looking forward to it.

There's a giant Amazon employee event going on across the street sometime today. I saw they had moved in the army of portapotties overnight. (Why oh why did they not build in enough bathrooms when they built the thing?? Seems like if you build a giant stadium/event center, you know how many people it will hold. Should be an easy math situation to get to how many toilets you will need. Apparently, their calculator was broken in 2000.) They say they are expecting 30,000 - oh but it isn't until tonight so no impact on my travel plans. whew.

As much as I like baseball, I can never get excited for the All Star game. But, last night I watched some of it. There were four Mariners there which was a record, I think. Our adorable little shortstop was the last MLB player voted in and so excited to go and then hit a 3 run home run to put the American League ahead. Then our closer who almost never ever give up a run gave up his first home run this year. Doh. Oh well. The funnest thing was that all four of the guys who went are on Instagram. They posted pictures and video for two days and that was VERY fun. 3 of the guys are Latina so I have no clue what they were saying in the video but it didn't matter. It was just fun to get the inside view. All the players on both teams spent most of the game with their phones out. I'm sure many of the old school watchers were horrified. I thought it just tripled the fun they were having. And since the point is to reward them, sweetening the reward seems like a good thing.

Ok, time to get moving. I need to get dressed and put things in place for this much needed cleaning!