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Swimming was back to normal today. The regulars were there and so was my swimming mojo. I'm listening to a book about the First Ladies since Jackie Kennedy. It's fairly interesting - enough to keep me swimming.

My new sim card arrives today. I'll be switching from T-Mobil to Google's Project Fi. Here's hoping for smooth sailing. I'm interested to see it in operation.

I did not wash dishes or clean the kitchen before I went to bed last night. And it is a mess. I need to tackle it before I do else today. Which is why I have not started doing anything else today.

The whacko woman down the hall and her decidedly unwhacko architect husband have put their condo on the market. It's one of the smaller ones but with some nice finishes. I really like how they did their kitchen. This building is divided in half. The east side units (my side) all have a full bath and a half bath. The west side units don't have the half bath but do have large walk in closets. While I love my half bath, I do lust after their closets.

I also love that their realtor snapped the pictures on the snow day and then took extras of the snow in the neighborhood. Really pretty.

I watched the Good Fight last night and know, I'd enjoy the rest of it if I didn't have to pay CBS to watch it. I'm really enjoying a new silly sit com called Superior Donuts and, of course, Imposters. I watched the pilot of Doubt and think it could go either way. But soon baseball will eclipse all of it and take over the TV most nights.

Time to get to the chores.

Quiche Ala AirFryer

I didn't wait until tomorrow. I just got off my butt and went to Grocery Outlet (where I found Zoey's kitty litter at exactly 1/2 the price I pay for the exact same thing on Amazon - laid in a large supply).

My main question was how long at how hot. I made up the recipe. And the how long at how hot.

Here's the skippy.

Thawed tart shell.
1 egg
equal amount of heavy cream
sausage (cause I had some)
Trader Joe's swiss/grueyre shredded mix

I layered the tart shell with cheese. I sauted the mushrooms and sausage. And laid a layer over the cheese. I scrambled the egg and cream and salt and pepper and poured it over the rest. 20 mins at 350. Then I sprinkled on more cheese and did another 5 mins.

It developed some exit issues when I begged it to leave the tin but that's only looks. This thing was absolutely delicious. And that crust? Big John's has a repeat customer.

More of Tuesday

I got a lot of little things checked off today. In the sewing room and out. Stuff put away, stuff cleaned up, stuff moved to where it belongs.

I got to the fabric store where I discovered that their felt sheets, which is what I use for doll hair, are half what I've been paying plus if I remember to go in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I get an old people's discount. The people who work there are weird and make shopping there not fun but at half the price... I also got my pre-show Sew-Expo tickets.

Then it was on to Big John's Pacific Food Importers in hopes of finding my Italian cookies. Big John's is the funkiest of places in a zero and I mean zero frills kind of way. They did not have my cookies but they did have a wide variety of Stuff You Can't Get Anywhere Else so I got some nice Swedish (also supporting the recent tragedy in Sweden) spice cookies that are really delicious. AND they had 5" savory frozen tart shells. Little quiches! I can't wait to try one baking one in the air fryer. I need cream and maybe some mushrooms. Tomorrow.

I got a lot of future dolls prepared for assembly.

And a couple assembled.

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Most every single day, I'm jazzed to get up and get to the pool and enjoy every minute of my swim. Once in a very great while, it's a bit of a slog. Today was one of those rare days. I enjoyed the swim but it seemed to take forever and it took more effort than usual, it seemed.

I often wonder what my swimming would be like if I had a pool right here - ready and waiting for me whenever I wanted to swim - steps away. I wonder if I'd swim more or less. I think on a day like today, I'd probably swim for about 30 minutes and then maybe go back later this afternoon and swim more. Lap pools inside homes are rare but every time I see one, I spend a little minute dreaming.

If/when the gym with a lap pool that's promised for the office building/hotel under construction a block away opens... maybe I'll be able to see what it actually might be like.

My legs are sore today from yesterday's walk in the too-big-boots. I think they will be fine with thick socks but without, they are leg killers.

Today's plans include a stop at the nearby fabric shop (tickets to Sew Expo next week) and to an odd little imports market also nearby to see if they have those Italian lemon butter cookies. And then the usual sewing and knitting and stuff.


This morning I developed a headache (which I never have) and was terminally sleepy so at 8:30, I took a nap for an hour. I still felt kind of rough but continued on with my day. I feel fine now so whatever it was, it was apparently, not fatal.

I walked across to Uwajimaya. It was raining so I wore my other new cheap boots (the water proof ones). They were too big and I forgot socks and so the walk over and back was like slogging through 7" of mud. I was exhausted when I got back. But, while I was there, I went ahead and got tomorrow's lunch, too.

My extremely bright brother, bill_schubert, noodled out that one of us could get the upgraded NY Times subscription, which allows sharing with another person, and we could split the cost. Cheaper than what I had so YES! Now I had to cancel my subscription. Calling them to do this is not fun. But, when I went to find the number, I found chat. 4 painless minutes later, I was cancelled and I had email confirmation. Thank you NY Times!

The funny part, though, is remembering. I follow the Times on Twitter but only click if I absolutely, positively have to know. And I can't click at the end of the month because I'm out of free clicks. Sometimes incognito mode works but mostly it doesn't.

Now, I see a headline and think 'clickable? or no?' before I remember I now have unlimited clicks!! And the new subscription includes the crossword puzzle. I can only do Mondays and half of Tuesdays, but just that much always makes me feel brilliant.

And then NPR reminded me...

There were half the usual number of cars in the gym garage. For the first 55 minutes of my swim, I did not see another soul. Mondays are usually one of the busiest days at  the pool. Finally the old guy who water walks with weights came in. The locker room was also quiet - not even the annoying music was on. It was weird and curious.

And, then, on the way home, NPR reminded me that it's a federal holiday. Ahhhhh I probably could have slept in and gone swimming later. Or stopped at the grocery after my swim. The usual traffic won't be happening today. Missed opportunity. No biggie.

Today's items of to do include trying to fix my swim earbuds. My originals got a wire short so I move the tips to some others and they aren't a perfect fit but I plan to fix that with some Sugru. My Sugru is a little out of date but I'm hoping it will work anyway. If not, I'll just order up some more.

It's a cloudy day so a walk over to Uwajimaya is on this morning. I might even extend it over to Daiso (the Japanese $1.50 store) just to have a look around.

Otherwise, the usual sewing and just messing around and being ready for whatever comes along.

One more drive by

Bravo TV's Imposters. So good.

Drive bys

  • Today I learned that Jane Roe (not her real name) of Roe vs. Wade was only 2 years older than me. She has long been my hero and I always thought she fought our battle as a mature woman. Turns out she was nearly freakin' my age!

  • Also I learned that Will Shortz is 3 years younger than I am. I always assumed he was at least a few years older if not more. Geesh.

  • I signed up for the New York Times again. They are having a President's Day sale and I fell for it. The 50% off is good for a year but I promise that in one year's time, I will be right back here bitching about their horrible unsubscribe policy. Meanwhile I plan to enjoy reading it. (And their current incantation of digital basic subscription is way better and cheaper than the last time I signed up. Plus that deal was only good for 6 months. So I need to remember all that when I get annoyed about unsubscribing.)