Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lived to tell the tale

OMG it is soooo bad out. I've never been in air this filthy. I did not linger from car to place but I did not walk fast enough to require more breathing than usual. Got exactly what I wanted in Goodwill and not even too much more. Then on to Uwajimaya where I got a poke bowl for lunch and a variety of raw veggies to cut up and have for dinner with some cold noodles.

I've been save inside airconditioned-ville now for 20 minutes and all is fine. My eyes were really itchy when I first came in and my throat was itchy, too but now I've had a bunch of ice water and some eye drops and I'm breathing fine. So I'm declaring victory and I'm not going out again. Maybe ever.
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