Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Plot Twist

Just this morning I read, on Instagram, an adage that I'm sure has been around forever and just escaped my noticed before.

"When something goes wrong in your life, just yell PLOT TWIST and move on."

I was started by it this morning and then was able to put it into play this afternoon. The guy who's car I rented and scraped, now says I cracked his fender. So now, instead of looking at possibly a couple hundred dollars, it's likely going to be a thousand or more. Phuck. But, truly, it's a plot twist. 1. There is nothing I can do about it. Yes, I could fight it but he said, she said. 2. I have the money. So not only plot twist but lesson learned. 3. Next time I'll rent from a real car rental company. It's a PIA but probably better and cheaper in the long run.

I did go to the movie today. The Big Sick. The movie theater has been redone and the aisles are wide with no goo on the floor. The chairs are recliner - not that terribly comfortable but ok. The movie was excellent. But I don't need to do theaters any more. Streaming is fine.

The conveyor belt sushi place is across the street so I slipped into there. It was adequate. I did stop on the way home and get a poke bowl at Uwajimaya for dinner.

Here are the latest two dolls.

Last week, when we were in a big mall, we ran across a kiosk selling the strangest things we'd never seen before. They are balls, the size of a Clementine, that are squishy. You throw them onto a hard surface and they splat flat and then regenerate themselves. We were mesmerized and ended up buying a bunch. When we got home, the internets told me they were called splat balls.

You Tube had splat ball videos but none were newer than a year old. We had missed a whole thing. Why couldn't we have missed fidget spinners??? I did find a gif of the splat pig (which is one of the ones I actually got)... they do feel very ewwwwww and are very entertaining.

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