Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And... just like that, the new editor is gone. Sigh

I guess I blew it. When I clicked on post earlier today, I got the new editor option and selected it and got it. When I clicked on post just now, I'm back to the old. I had no objections - at least not yet - to the new. Wonder why they took it away? Wonder who I pissed off? I'm using the auto hash tag just to be mean.

I got the car without a problem. The owner was very nice and accommodating and my car is safely parked behind his condo. His car has way more pep than mine and while it's fun to drive I have to be careful. I was able to get it into my garage spot on the second try. I think I can do it on one try next time so yeah!

I spent way too much money at the fabric store but I saved a bunch. I grabbed a sandwich at MacDonalds and now I'm home. I have about an hour an a half before time to head out to the train. I have about a half hour of stuff I need to do before they get here so an hour to fuck around. That'll work.

Hey, LJ! Gimme that new editor back, plz. Also why didn't I get the Instagram/dropbox option?
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