Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I hit a massive speed bump while working through my todo list. Every once in a while - far less often these days, thankfully - I hit a patch of something - dust, usually - and get attacked by my COPD. My lungs have a fit. I can't breathe for coughing. I can't get the dust or whatever out of my face/mouth/through/lungs. It hurts. My nose runs, I pee a little, I just gasp for air. I think today's thrill came from the dust out on the terrace where I had to rearrange things to get everything I wanted into storage.

I take my magic cough stopping pill, and suck down my inhaler and sip water continually and try to sit still and make it go away. I know from experience that it does. And it's already starting to now.

I spend most every day completely free from any sign that my lungs are shit. I breathe easily and, these days, make no concessions for things I want to do and can't. I can do whatever I want. And then I get attacked and remember. Ooops. Remember all those cigarettes you enjoyed??? I do and that's cool. I'm lucky it's not worse.

I did get everything done on my list though except for the errands. Still too early. So I think I'll just sit here and do a little internet surfing while I get my breath back.

I did snap a pick of all the 'kids' going to new homes today. They are now in bags ready go go.

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