Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I was swimming like a champ this morning. Just cutting that water like butter. And then I remembered I'm taking steroids! And, yep, performance enhancing! Usually, I do 100 yards in 3 minutes and 30/40 seconds. Yesterday I did it in 3 minutes 14 seconds. This morning it was 3 minutes and 11 seconds! Oh yeah. Let me put another notch in the old Prednisone belt. This stuff rocks!

Also I realized this morning that for the last two days, I've totally forgotten to take my second antibiotic pill of the day. Maybe even for the last 3 days. Fear of pregnancy taught me rigid adherence to any and all drug rules. I can't believe I fucked this up. At least the chances of my being pregnant are really really really low.

I went back to the new breakfast place today and it's still so nice. Arthurs Breakfast To Bar There are at least 3 more breakfasts I need to try so I'll be going back next Saturday. And the next and the next. At least.

Oh a note on the Perfect Size for 1 cake mixes. Last night I did the banana muffin one and this time topped it with just a little whipped cream cheese. FAVORITE.

Today there will be sewing I think. Unless it gets too hot back there. There's a new cafe/bakery/coffee shop that opened just up the block. They are having a soft opening this weekend so I need to pop in there this afternoon and say 'hi' and check 'em out. Otherwise, I'm staying intimately close to this air conditioner.
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