Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm not dead yet!

My doctor is on vacation! So I got shuttled to a backup doc who, thankfully, had openings today. And I went. I'm not good with doctors. I love mine but I'm always afraid that doctors will want to save me and/or want tests or not understand or whatever. It's stupid. So I was not thrilled with the switcheroo but I was pretty desperate.

Turns out backup doc was terrific! A lady doc. Who was sharp and smart and got a big kick out of my plastic DNR bracelet and then got an even bigger kick out that my other arm was sporting a fitness tracker. Bases covered.

She says my lungs actually sound good and that my coughing is from a sinus infection! Plus she said it looks like my ears were going south as well. So I'm sure glad I went in. She gave me antibiotics (that are as big as a freakin' filet minion. I asked the pharmacist if it came with a side salad.). The doc said to send her a my chart note if, in a day or so, I felt like I needed prednesone and she would call it in so I wouldn't have to come back.

So so so nice. And I feel better already just knowing I'll feel better soon and if not, I have a solid Plan B.

I also found out that the clinic where all my docs work now has a 7 day a week walk in branch. It's not particularly convenient but it's sure good to know about.

Then I had to stop at the grocery store to get some yogurt to encourage the antibiotic to behave.

And, when I opened up my wallet to pay for the gynormous pills (which were only $7!), I found the t-mobile sim I lost last week! I ordered it so that I could set up this tiny little candy bar phone for a backup that isn't connected to my other cellphone or to Google. It's on it's own T-Mobile plan $3.00 a month for 30 minutes to talk and text. It's all set up now. I even thought to text my brother so he'll recognize the number when I call him after the apocalypse.

So things are looking up here. Next stop Diamond Club. I had cold sesame noodles with a yogurt for lunch and there will be no snacking this afternoon. Gotta make room for yummy ballpark banquet.
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