Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Toile success

When you want to test a pattern before you cut into good fabric that you don't want to screw up, you make a toile or a muslin (pronounced Muslim if you were a contestant on last season's Project Runway - Tim set her straight fast). Generally it's made out of plain muslin fabric (which is a cheap plain woven fabric). But it doesn't do much good to make a toile out of woven fabric (no stretch) when your real fabric is knit (stretch). So I dug out all my knit scraps and made a top of many colors! Generally you toss out your toile when you are done or use it for scraps. NOT this one!

As you can see, I am clearly delighted. I love the top and the pattern it's perfect. And I have some great fabric that I've been saving that will really work excellently.

Plus Flickr was down so I loaded these pictures up to Imgur and it worked quite nicely. hmmmm possibly I now have a nice photo plan b...

It is hard not to grab an afternoon snack on game days. But, I want to save all my hungry's for the ballpark. Still 2 hours til time to leave.
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