Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A Miracle

The Mariners won. They nipped their 5 game losing streak and their 6 road game losing streak. And they didn't win by default. They actually played a decent game. It was lovely. Now on to Boston. Boston, you are welcome.

It is harder and harder for me to get up from the floor. I got no floor getting up from strength any more. There are times when I need to get down on the floor. This could be a problem.

The table cloth on my terrace table needs replacing. I went to Amazon and looked at round table cloths and couldn't find anything close to what I wanted plus the ones I didn't want were like $30 and $50 and up. WTF??? So then I looked at oil cloth fabric and PUL waterpoof fabric and found stuff I liked but not at prices I liked. Then I realized, well, duh! I can make exactly what I want (elastic around the rim so it doesn't blow off) out of my scraps! For FREE! So that's my new project. I got a good start on it.

Amazon Fresh finally opened up their new pick up spots for therestofus. It's been beta testing for a small number of Amazon employees only since it opened at the end of March. Until today. Free to prime members. So I fired up the website and placed an order. Their inventory is really small. Only one kind of cat food - a bag of dry. I got some grape juice and a watermelon and a salad. The later is a dollar cheaper than even at Grocery Outlet. Weird. If you are an Amazon Fresh member (for $15 a month) you can pick up your order in 15 mins. If you are just a regular run of the mill Prime member like moi, you pick a 2 hour window. I picked 1-3 and was there at 1. I was the only person there and they were at my car in no time flat. I wish they had more stuff.

The other thing is they use paper grocery bags with handles. It's been 5 years since Seattle eliminated free bags at stores. And long before that I just got in the habit of using my own bags. So I haven't had the 'what to do with these bags' issue in many years. I have a jillion uses for them but just no place to store them til I need them. I'm going to have to get creative.

I have a bear to finish and a new one to start and TiVo to catch up on.
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