Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Air Conditioner In!

I've had now 3 different portable air conditioners. I got the first one in 2002. And ever since, I've been documenting what day I set it up and what day I put it away. It used to be a huge annoying deal on both days. And then I got a new one and it was knocked down to a BFD. And then I got the one I have now. I thought I got it last year but I was wrong.

Today, it took me less than 10 minutes from the time I got up out of this chair until the deed was done and I was documenting. And that including Instagramming it. But the funniest part is that I looked up the entry from last year's set up and I said exactly what I was going to say here except I need to add another year. "Two years ago, I switched out my old air conditioner for a new one and I forgot until today how much smaller and lighter it is than the old one. Setting it up is really a good 10 minute job instead of the hour of stress that it used to be." Ha! I do love this one though. It's quiet and smaller and easier and way more efficient than its predecessors. I got it at Costco. Good get.

Now I've got hot weather insurance. Whew.

Edit: er, ah make that 5/23/2017. how'd i lose a year???
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