Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Oh yeah!

So the first shirt I made off the new pattern - the one white with green chicks on it one - was fine. But the one I made today is Fine And Dandy. It not only fits me perfectly, it is very comfortable. I rarely wear raglan sleeves because I feel like it makes my narrow shoulders look more narrow (and, so, make my already wide hips look way more wide) so I'd forgotten how comfy that sleeve fitting is.

I have some non knit fabric that I'm pretty sure will work with this pattern as long as the sleeves are knit. But then, I got a whole new idea in my head that I'm very excited about... a patchwork front and back with knit sleeves. Stay tuned.

In other news, I fiddled and fiddled with my phone to get Android Pay back and finally managed to do it. And then I read comments by the Android team made at the same time saying they fixed the problem. Yeah, right. I fixed it. Myself. You can take credit but I know it was me. Regardless, I now feel way better about this beta.

Baseball tonight with bear knitting. But first I need to go clean up the sewing room and then I think I may just got walk around the block.
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