Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More Fail Fun

The fabric store actually had two knits that I liked. Not as cheap as I would have liked but at least they aren't gray (usually the only choice they have in knits is See-Thru in come godawful color and gray). I got home and started on the shirt and discovered that the pattern still had major fit issues. I fixed one - the neck hold needed trimming by 3/4ths of an inch.

Then I got the idea to baste the shirt together and try it. NOT even close. I could get it on but barely. It needed at least 4" added to the circumference. But, the armholes looked like they might work and the shoulders - my hardest part to fit were perfect. So I basted on - I added the 4" and went ahead and added a couple of inches to the armhole and sleeve. And then tried it on again. Closer. Then I pulled out a shirt from my original pattern and compared and I like my old pattern better so bye bye new pattern - at least for that shirt.

BUT I used all of the lessons learned on the next one. I added inches everywhere and used both the pattern and test shirt from this morning to test and measure. I think I'm close this time. This pattern has baseball jersey sleeves (raglan) and I'd love to get it perfected to use as an alternate to my old one.

I cut out the fabric with the now massively altered pattern but I'm going to wait until I'm fresh tomorrow to start assembly. And I am absolutely basting this one from the get go. (BTW, basting just means using really big stitches as kind of a trial. Then, once all is good, you can easily pull those big stitches out and sew up the garment with regular forever stitches. Pulling out regular forever stitches is a bitch and a half. The extra basting step is a pain but totally worth it in this case.)

The baseball game is at 7. I'm trying to decide between quiche or porkchop for dinner. I'm leaning quiche-y. I have a bit of ham that needs finishing off and some green onions that need to be used or frozen. I think I'll use - plus easy peasy and very easy clean up.

The Texas Chicken coop is coming right along. (I totally get that a vertical video sucks but Instagram has a different opinion and this video was from there. Recycling is good, right?)

And in the NON Fail department, we have the latest bear. I think I got the ears right this time.
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