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I never know what to do with the time in the mornings on weekends while I'm waiting for the pool to open. Last Sunday, on the way to the pool, I thought... that would be a great time to change the sheets on the bed. Today, I remembered and did just that. Now, to fill in the time tomorrow...

I expected a crowd at the pool but there was none. One regular couple who always share a lane and me. It was nice. This is garage sale day over where the pool is. Hundreds of people having hard sales all over the place. After my swim I drove around but I just wasn't into it so I didn't even stop. Instead I went to Safeway where they just annoyed the crap out of me. So I came home.

bill_schubert is spending his morning building a chicken coop and he moved one of his Dropcams out so I could watch. He also sent me the instructions that he has nailed up on that tree so I could follow along. It's incredibly complicated.

Making clothes is way easier. I laid out my next shirt and will start work on it as soon as I finish this entry. I bought the fabric at a fabric shop in a neighborhood north of here. I spent $50 on two pieces of fabric. One is a long sleeved sweater that I made last week and am quite delighted with. And then I bought a yard and a half for a t-shirt. It was a guess. This morning I laid out my new pattern and discovered that 1. I really need a yard and 3/4ths or 2 yards and 2. The nice lady at the store had cut my yard and a half so generously that I have enough of it for the shirt. So nice. I will absolutely be going back there. She does not have a huge selection but her prices are good.

There is also a smaller shop down the street here. Yesterday afternoon when I went out to check out the neighborhood setup for the music festival, I remembered I needed interfacing so I popped in there. They were all out of what I needed but she said she had a remnant upstairs would I be interested? Sure. It was a big piece and plenty big enough for what I need for this shirt. And she refused to charge me. So, of course, I will absolutely be buying there again even though her selection is limited and prices are a little steep. I love that they are there and want to encourage that.

Baseball teams are, once again, wearing pink and using pink bats for Mothers Day and, once again, I think it looks stupid. But, then Mothers Day is sure not a day for me! [edit: turns out it's cancer pink in addition to Mothers Day - cancer pink annoys me more than Mothers Day - grrrr - but, I'm the only one. The announcers say everyone thinks it's wonderful.]
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