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Susan Dennis


I'm sinking deeply into Instagram stories. I'm still figuring out the tricks and I'm missing several but I just discovered that the best how to's are on YouTube. However, the how to-ers are very obnoxious and talk too much. Their 5 minute videos contain 3 minutes, at best, of info. However, if I turn off the sound, I can follow along and uses the spare 2 minutes to try out the tip before they move to the next one. Sweet!

To snap a photo, you hit the button once. To make a video, you hold it down. I keep forgetting the hold it down part and so my videos are turning out to be snap shots. Sadly, I'm not even sure I can tell whether the result if video or a still picture. And I need to step up my decorating game. But, still... fun.

My next obsession is now YouTube screen savers on my TV. It will be at least June before I get the Front Door TV Network back but I hate staring at a big black TV. Yesterday I tried a couple of the news channels on mute with closed captions. Ugh. Today I found the answer. YouTube screen savers. I made a playlist. Right now, I'm watching a rotation of photos from the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. It includes really pleasant piano music or I can hit mute. Either way, it's wonderful.

Yesterday the pool was full. Today, I was the only swimmer for most of the time I was there. The water temperature was just about perfect. I designed a series of creatures to sew in my head while I swam.

I feel like I'm getting a sore throat. This will not do. Hopefully, it's just my imagination.

I need eggs, an avocado and Diet Dr. Pepper. Happily, the best places to procure all of these are within a mile of here. A quick trip. I may wait until lunchtime and treat myself to a big Mac, also within a mile.

But now I need to go hang up my wet swimsuit.
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