Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of the day

I made a trip to Home Depot this morning to look at kitchen counters. I learned a fair amount from their displays. That combined with my internet work has given me enough info to direct Counertop Guy. I'm definitely going with laminate in a nice mottled pattern of blues and greens with a curved edge. I'm hoping to stay under $2k and think maybe I can. If I were getting the entire kitchen redone (which it does need), my decision would be different. But I do not want to mess with that now. Maybe someday I'll lose my mind and hire a designer and do it. But that day ain't going to be in 2017. I just want a countertop that looks somewhat younger than 25 years old and isn't spit and bulging. I think I've got it knocked. Hope those are famous last words.

Home Depot is next to Starbucks HQ where various food trucks alternate weekdays. Today there was a Korean one I wanted to try. I got a beef roll. The pancake was a fail but the beef was delicious.

I made two dolls and finished a bear. The bear is a new pattern - not mine. I made it out of yarn that was too stiff so it didn't come out exactly like I wanted but better than I thought it would when I was about half way done. I'm going to do another one out of better yarn.

Last night's baseball game went into extra innings until they finally lost. I found that out this morning. Same team tonight.

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