Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My pants have been buzzing all day!

Earlier today, I saw a very cool video on Twitter showing a swimming pool with a clear bottom up high on over traffic.

If you click on the photo you can watch the 30 second video and see my comment. I did not even look to see who the original tweeter was. Turns out he's the front page editor of the Huffington Post and has a few (gazillion) followers. His tweet, now 6 hours old, has had 288 replies - all or nearly all saying No Fucking Way... except mine.

I replied because I wanted to know where the pool was. I found out. It's in the Market Square Tower apartment building in downtown Houston. But... meanwhile, my reply hit the big time.
My Twitter is set up to notify me with a sound a vibration everytime someone retweets or likes one of my tweets or replies. I'm not that active so I get very few notifications until today. Today, my phone is vibrating out of my pants! It's cracking me up.

Meanwhile, another monster was born. And I got to the bottom of the felt scraps. I have fabric made for one more monster and maybe one baby monster and then I'll go back to dolls and collect more scraps.

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