Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice afternoon

I got a lot of sewing done while the baseball was played. I fixed my swim suit so that it will no longer cut into my arms (and made a note on the pattern to do it the new way next time). I made spring socks from my crocks (same as winter except shorter - fleece liners really).

I put away the boots for the Summer. I did slip on my sandals to go check the mail. I bought the sandals from Zappos last year and they felt so amazing the first time I put them on that I went right back and ordered a second pair. Today was the first time I had had them on since last September. They felt amazing all over again. I hate summer but I do love some of the things it brings. Sandals. Baseball.

When I went to get the fleece for the crocs out of the closet, I found some sheeting I'd forgotten about so I also made a pillow case.

And I finished my monster and I love him!

Here's a bear I also finished.

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