Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cookies from Croatia

I picked up these tea biscuits yesterday at the DK Market. I cracked them open jus tnow and YUM!! They are buttery and not too sweet or crumbly. Perfection.

And, the best part is that I know exactly where I can get more!

My handy, dandy, across the street ATM is casters up. Dead as a doornail. Also casters up is the stupid Capital One 'find an ATM' web page. "It's a known issue. So sorry." Don't sorry, fix it! How hard could that be?

So I bell back on BECU. There's one down the street and another across the street from Cash and Carry where I also needed to go to re-up my Diet Dr. Pepper stash. So that was today's big outing. Cash, check. DDP, check. Reward = Croatian cookie(s).

I got a couple of dolls made and a few more cut out and ready to assemble. Now I'm going to knit some bear. Just a nice lovely day here in old lady land.

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