Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The other Wednesday

This morning I was shocked when a comment told me it was Wednesday. In fact, I didn't believe her and when to screen shot my calendar for proof. Ooops. I totally lost Tuesday. No clue where it wet. I hope it had fun.

The instructions were to drop the dolls off at the door just to the east of the main entrance to Goodwill. I found the door and it was locked. There was a bell and I rang it and nothing. I knocked. I rang the bell again. I hung out a bit wondering what to do when the door opened to what was clearly a shipping/receiving area. Two guys were in the middle of something and when they finished one came over to me and I held out my bag and said "I was told to..." and he interrupted me with a big grin and said "Oh! Are these the dolls??!!" It was lovely.

I was trying to decide which errands to run and where to go and if I even wanted to after all when I got a text from my brother that he had a newsletter to edit. Decision made! I came on home and did the edit and then decided to make a new swim suit. I do not need a new swim suit but I do have a couple that need to retire. They are dirt simple to make and I had everything I needed on hand and it's not like I don't use my suits :) So I did. Very satisfying and now I have a new suit to wear tomorrow.

I also finally remembered to pre-wash some of the fabric I bought at the sewing show. Now it's all ready to sew.

Last night, for dinner, I made a beef and snow peas dish. I put in too much hot sesame oil and it was just too hot to enjoy. So I asked google for ideas to fix. Today, for lunch I warmed up the left overs adding some peanut butter and a little brown sugar. And, I'll be damned if that didn't work! It wasn't the most delicious lunch ever but it was very eatable. Good to know.

Just as I was finishing up my swimsuit, I got an email from the building manager that package had arrived. I was expecting nothing. So I went down to get the mystery box and it was a swag box from Eero, the company that makes my router! I do love my router, but wow. There's a wooden coaster, a coffee mug and a light weight lap blanket (the perfect weight for this time of year). How cool is that?!

Box says: You've given us so much over the past year so it's our turn to give you a gift. Here's oru #chillkit so you can sit back and enjoy better wifi. We appreciate you and look forward to celebrating many more years together. Nick Weaver co-founder CEO Eero

My new inhaler continues to work really nicely. The condo two doors down - the one with the bad upgrades, dirty carpet, old appliances and room painted the world's ugliest green - just accepted an offer. I'm guessing it's for more than the $545,000 asking. That makes 4 condos in this building in the last 30 days each accepting an offer within a week of hitting the market. It's no wonder everyone is in a take-the-money-and-run mode.

The Mariners are really blowing it game after game this Spring. They've lost big to a variety of teams. Here's hoping they are getting it all out of their system!
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