Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Old people rock and so do pot shops.

I just read that the winner of this year's Iditarod is 57 so 10 years younger than I am but still. GO Old People!!

My tax stuff arrived from the CPA today. I have to sign the form and send it back to him and then he files electronically and the government sucks their $$ out of my checking account. So I grabbed a pen to sign my tax return. It wrote really nicely and felt good so I looked at the pen more closely and had to laugh. I'd signed my federal tax return with a pen I got at the Ganja Goddess pot shop in January. I posted a little quip on Google + about how it tickled me to use the pen they gave me to sign for the feds.

Minutes later I got an email:

Hello Wonderful Susan,
I just saw your hillarious Google+ post about signing your taxes with a GG pen.
I have a quick favor to ask.
Would you please give me a ring?
Thank you, Ananda
GM Ganja Goddess

I debated a little about whether or not to call and figured what the heck. I'm glad I did. Turns out that giving out pens (or anything else) is strictly forbidden by the Washington State pot law. She asked me, in the nicest possible way, if I could tweak the entry just a bit. No problem at all and I did immediately.

But, how impressive that she was so on top of her social media marketing efforts! Gheesh. I was just impressed they were on Google +.

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