Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The check engine light on the car has gone back to sleep! Yeah!! Although, that did get me thinking that now that I am strapped for cash for a couple of months, I'm sure that 'time for your checkup' light will come on any day now. It hasn't come on in about 3 years because I just don't travel that far. Generally the maintenance schedule is tied to mileage but I'm sure there's also a time component. Oh well, will deal if/when it happens. (And I'm not anywhere near actually strapped for cash, but it just kind of feels that way.)

My swim was lovely and I even remembered to return the library materials that have been on the shotgun seat of the car since forever. Then home for breakfast and here I am. Next up is breakfast dishes clean up and then, probably, some sewing. I have no big weekend plans. Just the usual good stuff.
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