Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tech addiction

I just bought a new chromebook. I bought it from Amazon with the fervent hope that I'll dislike it enough to send it right back. I've been trying not to buy it since it came out a couple of weeks ago and finally, today, failed. It's the new Samsung flip-to-tablet with a stylus chromebook. I was doing OK until my old Nexus 7 tablet died this morning. And I was still headed towards a $49 Amazon Fire tablet replacement when I looked at the Samsung... again... It's also a same day delivery. Fine. I'll get it and then hate it and send it back. She says knowing that she's living in a dream world. Oh well.

When I was in Walmart last week, I visited the yarn section to check for new yarn possibilities as I always do and found these cool Caron Cakes.

I'm a sucker for variegated yarn anyway but these are just delicious. I got several. They aren't perfect for bears because there is a little wool in them and machine washing/drying might not be the best for bear health but... I'm going to make a couple anyway.

Here's the first one. I'm now making another and the dark purple is up next it will go dark purple legs up to light purple head. As a bonus, the yarn is also very soft. (And was pretty darned cheap, too!)

There are a couple of errands I need to run today but nothing critical so I'm thinking none will actually get done. Plus, I can't leave now, my new computer may arrive at any minute! (Reality says it will be more like 7 or 8 pm tonight.) I have crafty things to keep me entertained while I wait.
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