Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I slept really well last night. Especially considering I was in a completely new environment. The last time I slept away from home was about 4 years ago so... different. But, it was fine. In fact my tracker says I got 9 hours and 32 minutes of sleep but I think it started counting while I was still awake and listening to my book.

The hotel is a free breakfast one so I went to try it out. The eggs and sausage were not worth the calories so I abandoned after a bite. The oatmeal was delicious as is the coffee and I now have a banana and a tangerine for later. Nott too bad at all. I read an actual newspaper on paper. Turns out, that's not nearly as handy and readable as a newspaper on the screen.

It's too early to go to the show yet. I think I'm going to pack up the car and check out and go up the street to the 24 hour Walmart. It's a different one than I went to yesterday. I forgot to get catfood.

I don't expect to spend too long at the show today. I know where I want to go specifically and then plan to whirl around the rest to see what I may have missed. I plan to be done before the crowds get there - late morning-ish. There's a Goodwill nearby that I plan to check out and then home. There are several LA Fitnesses between here and home and I may stop at one and do a swim or I may not. Nice to have options.

There's a nice looking Hampton Inn across the street and I thought I'd try that one next year so I went to check their prices just now. They are BOOKED up for next year. The power of old sewing ladies. Hope this place has a spot. I will check on my way out.
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