Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Enjoying the small things

I went to Black Angus for dinner and it turned out to be nice. I got there early and sat down and ordered a whisky sour and before it even got there, a family with 3 children, 2 small, 1 squealing, sat down in the next booth. I pondered the wisdom of just trying to ignore them but only for a minute. When the waitress came back to me, I asked her if I could move. She was instantly as nice as she could possibly be about it. She also did several other things perfectly and so got a gynormous tip. I hope she was delighted when she saw it. I know she made my evening as nice as it could possibly be.

I was smart enough to bring two different pairs of shoes so my feet got a break for dinner which they appreciated.

I've been lounging here on the bed watching stuff from my TiVo on my tablet. I think that's pretty amazing. A show I recorded at home on hardware at home is playing here in my hotel room on the screen I have with me. So cool.

But I don't have any knitting with me and it's hard to watch TV without it. And the book I'm listening to is really good so I think that's going to fill my time until I can't stay awake any more.

This hotel room has a window that opens! Not far - only a couple of inches but still, I think that's amazing and wonderful.

My fitness tracker is sure a happy camper today. I just hope it doesn't think we're setting the norm here. My legs (and feet) are pretty much ready to go back to doing the minimum as usual.
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