Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Armchair weathering

Yesterday we had a show/sleet/thunderstorm in the afternoon that never showed up on any of my (way too many) weather apps. When I went to bed last night, those apps and the TV were telling me the snow would start at 1 am and continue through the morning commute today. So when I got up at 5, I went out to the living room to look. Dry as a bone. Nary a drip of anything so far and now the sun is so strong, I've had to lower the blinds.

I did discover a fun Happy Birthday display just across the way during yesterday's storm.

I have a long list of small things that I want to get done today. Including spending some time going over the Sew Expo stuff so that I will be all prepared when I get there Thursday. My brother has a new service that will enable me to kick Drop Box to the curb. He's got it going so I want to get all my stuff transferred over. And I have a new library audio book to download and I want to gather up all my external batteries and get them all charging for Sunday's power outage and a bunch more very exciting stuff like that.

I'd better get started or I won't get it all done plus dolls sewn.
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