Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Quiche Ala AirFryer

I didn't wait until tomorrow. I just got off my butt and went to Grocery Outlet (where I found Zoey's kitty litter at exactly 1/2 the price I pay for the exact same thing on Amazon - laid in a large supply).

My main question was how long at how hot. I made up the recipe. And the how long at how hot.

Here's the skippy.

Thawed tart shell.
1 egg
equal amount of heavy cream
sausage (cause I had some)
Trader Joe's swiss/grueyre shredded mix

I layered the tart shell with cheese. I sauted the mushrooms and sausage. And laid a layer over the cheese. I scrambled the egg and cream and salt and pepper and poured it over the rest. 20 mins at 350. Then I sprinkled on more cheese and did another 5 mins.

It developed some exit issues when I begged it to leave the tin but that's only looks. This thing was absolutely delicious. And that crust? Big John's has a repeat customer.

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