Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Earlier this week, I found the neatest new podcast-y thing. It's called 60DB. It's a compilation of bite sized pieces of podcasts and other audio pieces. You select from about 9 broad topics (politics, sports, etc) and then Tinder swipe your dislikes while it personalizes your feed. It's really neat. BUT while their thing works on the web after a fashion, it's mainly a phone app - iPhone only - grrrrrrrrr.

Their Twitter person told me that the Android app was in development. I exchanged some emails last night with one of their people who agreed to put me on their Android test. I haven't gotten the app yet but I'm hopeful it will come through today and I'm excited to give it a go. Meanwhile I'm using their web app on the phone. It's great for listening while walking and in the car.

Between that and Axios, I finally feel like I'm getting a balanced view of the world's goings ons. I wish I could find the same good resources for local info but at least I have a decent local Twitter representation and the Seattle Reddit subs are pretty good at pointing out what I might want to look into.

Nothing out of the ordinary going on today. Sewing and futzing and, probably, a walk to procure the day's poke bowl. The usual.
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