Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of Sunday

I just spent an hour getting stuff caught up and fixed. The kind of stuff that really only retired people have the time to do. I share a document with my brother that includes the gritty details, logins, passwords, bank accounts, license numbers, insurance info - just a laundry list of stuff you need to know sometimes. I created it for him (my Dad created one for me that was invaluable after he died) but I use it often when I need to remember a number or something.

Today I made some change - updated/tweaked, etc. It's now all up to date again. I tried to log into my social security to change the bank they use for my deposits and I fucked up the login - not once, but 3 times so they slammed the door in my face with a note that says come back and try again in 24 hours. I did get into IBM and changed that deposit. I do social security in 24 hours. I know now where I went wrong.

I also spent some time in Mint, getting the year so far squeaked. Mint does a fine job of categorizing most things nicely. It assumes - correctly - that when I shop at Safeway or Grocery Outlet that I'm buying groceries. And gets most all other categories correct but Amazon just baffles it. So I have go manually assign those purchases and the ones I make with cash. No biggie. I've now got everything since Jan 1 with the correct category and will keep it up.

It's really chilly in here today. Probably outside, too, but I'm not going to test that. I have leftover pizza and leftover Mongolian beef for dinner. I'll decide when it gets closer but I feel like I'm in a no lose eating situation.

But now it's time to watch CBS Sunday Morning and finish off my latest bear.

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