Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another pleasant valley wednesday

I keep the link to the poly-fil that I use to stuff my dolls and bears in an open tab nearly all the time now. I clicked on it one time last week and the price was $24.88 instead of the $19.98 that I like so I passed. And since then, I've been checking it about 6 times a day and, every time, it has been totally out of stock. As each out of stock day passes, I get a little more anxious. I'm about a week and a half away from full on panic.

And speaking of time going by... it's been 10 weeks since I have taken Spiriva (inhaler for my COPD) every day and 2 weeks since I've had any at all. I dropped the other one (the 2x a day one) a year ago. And my breathing is fine and dandy. I have the occasional coughing spells but really no more than when I was on it and they are quickly squelch by my magic benzonatate pill. I'm sure I will never die from fire. The smoke will kill my poor lungs before the flames can get close. And the flu would would probably cause major issues. Heck a cold could be a big problem. But... right now... things in my little version of lungville are way better than I deserve. And I'm very grateful.

Zappos will be refunding me $163 for the Uggs. I still need something I can wear in the wet. I found two different styles, each of which were cheap. Both were free returns so why not? This one is clearly waterproof and this one is taller and maybe waterproof... I figured neither would fit and they would both go back. They arrived today and both fit and I decided for $25 total, neither is going back!

This will surely guarantee no snow and precious little rain or cold in my future. In fact, next week will probably be sandal weather!

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