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The orchid that my house cleaner gave me for Christmas is now clearly in distress. We agreed, when I told her I would kill it, that she would handle maintenance. But she is only here ever other week. I'm perfectly ok with its dying but now I feel bad for how she is going to feel. ARUGH. (My brother implied that I am willing it to die with some kind of plant ESP. Probably he's right.) I am not a good gift-ee.

My yarn stash is getting a little monochrome. Well, not mono exactly but what I have left is not a huge selection of colors. But, I want to use it all up before I order more. So there won't be a huge bear diversity for a while :( Also I'm getting a bit anxious about bear and doll stuffing. I go through the stuff like crazy. But, until lately, there's been a never ending supply at Walmart and Amazon. Walmart always has it for $20 (10 pound box) and sometimes Amazon does too. Then Walmart raised its price to $25 and Amazon went to $35. And now, Walmart has had it as Out of Stock for a week. I'm getting twitchy. I have maybe a month's worth on hand so it's not catastrophic ... yet.

Today will include a short trip to Grocery Outlet and Cash & Carry. They are next to each other and about a mile down the road so easy peasy. Plus, I only need a handful of things.

I have plenty of time though. The list of things to do today are make dolls, knit, watch tv, and read my book. I really do have the best life.

Oh here's a bear that got finished last night.

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