Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have evolved this doll making deal over time. Today I realized just how fully compartmentalized it's become. There are definite production steps:

  1. choosing fabric pairings for each doll

  2. cutting out pieces

  3. selecting hair and faces for each doll

  4. face making

    • temp drawing of eyes and mouth

    • sewing on eyes

    • drawing on mouth

  5. sewing arms, legs and heads to body

  6. cutting hair

  7. stuffing arms, legs

  8. assembling doll

  9. adding final touches

I do step 1, 2 and 3 for a dozen or so dolls at a time. I'll make faces for 25 or 30 dolls in a batch. Then I do steps 5-9 doll by doll.

I listen to podcasts while I work. A lot of what I do when depends on how interesting the podcast is that I'm listening to. Step 5 and 8 are solid sewing and great for the boring parts of podcasts. But today I was listening to a really good new one The Loving Project when it came time for step 8 so I just left that doll on the sewing table and did some more of 1-3. Now I'm set for a few days of doll assembly!

I did get a couple of dolls finished before I got snagged by that podcast.

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