Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pool Report

"My manager says he tried and couldn't get a hold of the pool guy today. Hopefully, he'll come tomorrow and fix it and it will be ready for swimming in a couple of days."

I wrote an email asking corporate to send them help ASAP.

A very fair question is why in the hell do I keep calling and torturing myself??? Clearly no one gives a shit about this but me. The gym folks clearly don't. My friend Barrie will when her foot heals but til then...

EDITED after dinner: I am going to quit torturing myself. I have the time, I can drive to Ballard every day. On Saturdays, when they hold a class in the pool, I can go to the city pool. If they ever open up the West Seattle gym pool again, I'll go back. If they don't, life will go on. It's a privilege to have found some kind of phyisical exercise I love and have options - good options for doing it every day when and where I want. The whining ends now.
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