Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A different morning

99% of my days for the last 3 years have started out with a swim. Today did not and it's really weird. I will probably go to the city pool that is closest to me at 11 when it opens for lap swim. I also need to swing by the pharmacy to pick up that prescription.

Yesterday, at Trader Joe's, I spied a little tub of holandaise sauce in their dairy section. It might well be something they've had for years but I had never seen it before. I love holandaise sauce. But no way in hell would I ever make any from scratch. (yeah, I know it's easy... still not doin' it).

Every morning when I come home from my swim, I scramble an egg with cheese (and sometimes avocado or bacon) in the microwave and roll it into a burrito. This morning I tried just egg and holandaise. The holandaise was quite decent but it didn't work with with burrito egg. I've got other plans for the sauce, though. What a brilliant idea... a tub of holandaise.

Time now to get to the sewing machine - especially if I want to work in a really long lunch/swim/errand break.

Ohhhh just saw on Twitter that a car kerfuffle (one vehicle actually turned all the way around in a lane on the bridge) has traffic backed up and my drive home from the pool this morning would have been far worse instead of far better. Saved from myself. Nice.
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