Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I found the DVD that my brother made me for the Dell laptop for recovery. It ran about 2 hours of tests and then played taps. Or maybe that playing taps thing was in my imagination only. But, the hard drive has definitely gone bytes up.

I sent the screen shots to my brother who already has some options in mind but wants to check with his techs first. It's most likely I'll go with a new Lenovo and he'll slap a new drive into this one and sell it for cheap OR use it for demo in the shop. So I spent a nice long time this afternoon dismantling it and all its attachments and re/unwiring all under the desk.

Then I hooked up an old chromebook to the middle monitor and fired up a neat little screensaver so at least I don't have 3 black monitors to stare at while we noodle out Plan B.

I had to fix a part of the underside of the desk and that called for hot glue. I found the hot glue gun and some bullets so that was a major score. I made the fix and then even got the hot glue off my sweatshirt cuff with the iron. I banged the back of my hand several times by accident and was just thrilled when I saw no bruising at all. Man, even a year ago, my hands would look like eggplants after an afternoon like this. Love it.

I bought some bootie type slippers at Grocery Outlet yesterday for cheap. The are perfect for what I need but they had pompoms on the sides that really bugged me. It might come as a surprise to some but I am not a pompom person. So I cut them off and then a light bulb went off.

And they got a new job.

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