Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Caught up

I think I've now - 4:30 pm - finally finished with The Theft aftermath. Someone suggested that I might feel violated and I really don't. I feel somewhere between pissed off and really annoyed. It's a very expensive lesson to have learned. But I'm now smarter. It cost me a lot of money but, it's not like she stole my rent or meal money. She sucks but karma.

I have a new senior bus card. I have a temporary driver's license with the non-temporary one coming in the mail. New Medicare card ordered, temp in purse. New Car2Go and ReachNow cards requested. I have a debit card that I can use as a credit card until my replacements arrive.

(EDIT an hour later: I just got a FedEx notice that my Capital One card will be delivered tomorrow by 10:30 am! Capital One really shines at customer service. At least that's been my experience.)

Discover called me this afternoon - with an ID phone so I knew to pick up. A really really nice guy. He verified some info and told me he'd send me a replacement pronto (and wave the pronto fee) and I don't have to - as previously instructed - call them tomorrow)

I put the temp stuff and some cash into another small purse. I had it with me when I went to get the new bus card. It felt like when I was a little girl and had a little girl purse with nothing to put in it.

I've done nothing but this all day. This and fit up my phone. I'm leaning towards not getting a replacement. This phone is WAY too big and the battery isn't nearly as good as the new one's. But, otherwise, it's a good phone. Really good.

The worst fallout is that I do not want to go back to that gym. I called this morning and talked to the manager. I explained what happened. He was able to see that I clocked in at 7:40 and I have a time stamped voicemail (8:33) from the credit union that my credit card was being used fraudulently at Target (a good 15 minutes or more away). He knows who was there between 7:40 and 8:15. He offered up nothing but a fairly insincere "I'm sorry" and "We hate when this happens" Wow. Really?? He did ask me to please let him know if I find out who did it. At this point, I'm almost more pissed at his attitude than at the bitch who did the stealing.

I will go back. I might even go back tomorrow. But right now i'm telling myself that I don't have to if I don't want to.
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