Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm still babying my sore elbow. I ordered a brace for it but it won't be here until tomorrow. It feels better but I'm assuming that's a sign I have not annoyed it more today which is good.

I did sew one doll but got a bunch more cut out and did some fabric organization. I have lots and lots of small bits of fabric. I wind them around cardboard so they will stand up in my fabric drawers and I can see what I've got. I finally figured out a good way to do this with the fabric I have more than a little bit of. This gave me room to also house the face fabric in that same chest. All of this is so that I will know what I have on hand and be better able to pick out what I need easily.

And then I spent a couple of hours just fucking around.

Now I think I'll watch a little tv. Maybe a movie.

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