Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim felt good today and even my elbow felt fine and the pool wasn't crowded and there wasn't really anything unusual. I swam my usual time - an hour and some change. But, my tracker says it was .2 of a mile less than usual! WTF? I think the tracker was the slacker. Jes sayin.

After the swim, I had two rummage/bake sales that I thought looked interesting. The first wasn't. But, the second one was fine. I loved home baked Christmas goodies but I'm picky. At a bake sale I can be as picky as I want and not even feel guilty. I scored some fudge, some almond roka and some party mix.

This was at a little church where I scored some great fabric deals at their rummage sale last Summer. The same two, sweet old ladies (who are probably my age - hahaha) were at the check out table. They are so cute that both times now, I've given them a bigger bill and told them to keep the change and they just had a fit of glee. Makes the whole experience just fun.

I was near Papa Murphy's on my way home when I realized it was after 10 and they were open so now we have pizza for dinner!

I think I'll go make a doll or two.
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