Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Last Dark Morning... for a while

I have always been a morning person. I love sleeping but not in the mornings. I like to get my day going. I liked getting to school before everyone else. I liked getting to work before everyone else. I like getting to the pool first. I think it comes from knowing I'm not the best at what I do - no matter what it is - but at least I can get a head start on everyone and so maybe they won't notice I'm not the best.

I love morning dark. To get on the road to school, work or the pool has always been energizing to me. YES! I will get a jump on whatever is next in the day! So this time of year - until tomorrow - is my sweet spot. Today it was night dark when I got to the pool. Tomorrow - same time - it will be daylight. Sigh. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

None of the Saturday morning regulars were at the pool today. There were a couple of people I'd never seen before but they didn't last long. I'm not wild about a super crowded pool, but I definitely swim more slowly when there's only me in the pool. I need a pacer :)

I decided that I needed to have breakfast cooked for me and I had two spots in mind. Neither has good parking so my plan was to go to the closest, If not parking, then go to second. Found a spot at the first and so had a perfectly delicious Croque Madame for breakfast. It was lovely and the service was excellent. I might try the other one tomorrow.

Also I need to get back in the habit of parking far away from where I'm going. I used to be good about that. But, I've gotten lazy. Today's parking spot was right in front. I need to walk and parking far away is a great way to get a little walk for free.

There might be sewing today. There might just be knitting and TV watching. It's rainy outside and quiet and just a nice day for doing whatever the hell happens. I'm totally on board with that plan.
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