Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lonely no more...

The purple chair now has happy faces in it again. Whew.  

And I went to Grocery Outlet. Their avocados are still $2. (They were $.50 last month.) But they have the crack cocaine-like tortilla chips at well under half price so not a wasted trip. I really went for salad and potatoes. Scored both.

Also being out reminded me that there's no Seahawks game this weekend. Or Sounders. I can come and go whenever I want and even go to brunch either day. Nice! The Seahawks are playing Monday Night Football here but I don't have anywhere I want to go on Monday so once I get home from swimming I can just hole up til it's all over.

Tonight I have TV to watch. I want to see The Crown and I have the latest Project Runway and some other good stuff queued up. So if you need me...

Here are the regulation doll shots.

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