Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No drums today

On Sunday mornings there is a drum team that practices outside the football stadium across the street. I have heard people in the building bitch about it and I'm sure the renters in the the apartments across the street (and closer to it) probably really bitch but I love it. I love the rhythms. And I love the routine. And today they are gone.

The Seahawks are playing in New Orleans right now (Sunday morning) and I guess the drummers are all somewhere watching it. It sure is weird to have a silent Sunday morning without even the drums.

I'm killing time til the new hamburger place opens at 11. Oh, I just remembered there's a library branch right on the way and I have library books to return. Cool.

I slept really well last night. I did not get up one time or as my tracker puts it 0 minutes awake. I thought I would be sore from that massive coughing attack last night but nope. Whew. I need to avoid those in the future, however.

My swim was good. My Plan B music player worked fine. I did not even look at what songs were on it so it was kind of fun to revisit old stuff. There's a street festival going on up a few blocks from the gym today that I didn't find out about until I got home. I probably would have done that instead of hamburger if I had known. Oh well.

After burger there may be some sewing. There will be TV watching and I suspect I'll have to watch what may be the last World Series game. A nice Sunday.
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