Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My brain forgets but my lungs remember

I have COPD but over the past 3 years it's gotten so that I would mostly only know it if I look at my medical chart until I annoy it. Like today. Emptying the vacuum cleaner.

At least I was home. Alone. With pills and inhaler and even a can of oxygen (which I always thought would be an instant fix and turns out isn't at all).

I have a mask with a filter. Easy enough to put that on BEFORE I do something like this. Only I didn't think of it until way too late. Nothing like a massive coughing fit to remind you that you smoked your lungs to death. Sigh.

It's all over now and the indoor/outdoor carpet on the terrace (where I vacuumed up the dust left by the dead leaves that got blown onto it) looks amazing. And all the dust is now safely in a plastic bag in the plastic bagged garbage. Geesh.
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