Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Educational Fail

I'm trying to teach my cat to gimme a high 5. I thought we'd start first with the Paw command. I say Paw and she puts her paw in my outstretched hand and she gets a treat. So far, she's gotten all the treats and has zero interest in doing anything to earn them. EXCEPT she now bugs me constantly for treats.

I think my decision, early on, to never teach, was the right one.

Two more new phone items. I got a better case today. It's much thinner and easier to handle. And my battery life has been pretty darned excellent. I usually plug my phone in a few times during the day because I can and so why not. But I have specifically NOT plugged it in today just to see what would happen. It's now 4:30 and I've got 71% left. I like that.

I'm watching Front Door TV Network and someone is move all their belongings in. I am SO glad that isn't me. I used to move every 18 months and now I have not moved in 25 years but still the pain is fresh.

Here are today's dolls!

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