Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My Sunday swim buddy was a no show this morning. I had the entire pool to myself for the first 45 minutes. As I finished up and got out, all of a sudden it got crowded. Weird.

While I was swimming, I figured out that if I went to brunch at the place I've been wanting to try, when I finished, Papa Murphy's would be open and I could get a pizza for dinner!

I am a meal planning wizard today.

The brunch place turned out to be really nice and comfortable. As I was coming home and thinking about it, I realised that really the food was only a little better than ok. The booth was very comfortable and the service was top notch. It was easy to get to with easy parking. So even with OK+ food, I'll be going back. And I got my pizza.

On today's list o' todo's is to charge up my swimming iPod Shuffle and swizzle up the music on it. And sew and maybe watch a movie. I finished up my audio book last night. Maria Semple's latest - Today Will be Different. It was a lot like brunch. Just a skosh above OK. The reader (actress Kathleen Wilhoite) actually saved it but if I did not live in Seattle and enjoy Seattle cultural references, I probably would not have finished it. I need to find my next book and get it chambered.

The Seahawks are out of town but the Sounders are playing a game in the stadium so while it's not quiet out, the noise is, at least fun and not offensive.

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