Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Day Wastin'

I really have not accomplished too much today. But, no biggie. I did get one doll made and I'll finish another bear before dinner so that's really not nuthin.

I just have kind of been wallowing around in various internet holes - with no particular conclusions but, on the up side, no money spent either!

I did dig through my stuff and find a nice little wallet on a shoulder strap that is big enough to hold essentials. I think I'm going to start using that instead of my purse. Now that I don't have to always have my inhaler with me, I think I can get by with this little thing most of the time. Nice.

I do have some cough stopping pills that I need to carry just in case. But I think I can keep a couple in the glove compartment, I'll be fine. They are small enough to fit a couple in half of a contact lens case which is pretty handy. I am very embarrassed at the shear quantity of contact lens cases I have. I have not worn contact lenses in probably 6 years and even then only wore them for maybe 4 years. And, yet, I have an entire drawer filled with cases. When the apocalypse happens and any of my friends need cases for their contact lenses, they will be so grateful.

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