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Costco wasn't able to fill the prescription for my last inhaler until December 31 because my insurance wouldn't cover a refill so soon.  I was so hoping it would get here before I leave.  I hate to have a $150 package floating around for a week.  It arrived today.  So now, I have an ample supply of all my inhalers.  Enough to get me almost through May which will make next year's insurance far more of a savior cost wise.  Nice.  But if the house burns down, I'm fucked.  I wonder if I should get a safe deposit box... hahaha  Pictured here is $7845 worth o' inhalers.  I only paid $1,569.

Breathing is expensive.  But, honestly, kinda worth it.  And I greatly appreciate that I have 5 months of 'free' breathing all set.

Shoe Fix.

Since I'm not that good a breather, I rented a scooter to drive me around Las Vegas next week.  Since I will have the scooter and won't be walking that much, I have been going back and forth about bringing a second pair of shoes.  If I don't, I really won't be walking much.  If I do, it takes up sooooo much suitcase room and what if I don't even wear them.

Problem solved.  I have a pair of perfectly comfortable shoes that I never wore. They made the Goodwill bag last time I did a sweep through the house.  Only the Goodwill bag had not gotten out of here to go to Goodwill yet so... I still had the shoes!!  They are sneaker type but less bulky than running shoes.  Anyway, I rescued them and put them in my suitcase.  When I pack up to come home, I can just leave them there and use the suitcase space for swag!  I'm very impressed with my solution.

More New Neighbors.

I'm pretty sure the apartment just under my Bear Neighbor, has been rented.  I saw a young couple in there the other day looking it over and then I saw a cleaning crew working on it.   It is one of the two that I have the best view into.  This makes the Mrs. Kravitz in me just giddy.


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Jan. 5th, 2014 06:56 am (UTC)
Even though I have worked in healthcare for my entire adult life, it always surprises me to learn what things cost. That's a lot of money for inhalers!
Jan. 5th, 2014 09:26 pm (UTC)
"Since I'm not a good breather" - gads, thank you for making me think about that.

My biggest problem right now is that I'm still thinking of myself as young-ish (certainly not old, I'm only 47!) and strong and healthy, and two of those aren't *exactly* true. They're not exactly false, either, but I'm in that icky middle ground where I-don't-know-how-much overexertion will wipe me out. And I may have to start thinking in those terms, if not to the same extent that you do.

(Um. The reason this helps is, you can swim a mile - it's not even *hard*, probably a mile and a half, or two miles, would be "hard" - but you still have to think about "can I walk all day? How will I feel if I do?" and I have to start thinking of stuff like that, too, at least for now.)
Jan. 5th, 2014 09:30 pm (UTC)
Yes, pay attention. When I used to go to the gym, I was breathless constantly. I thought it was because I was old and fat. Turns out it was because I spent 40 years smoking. I even asked my doctor when he gave the results of that 3 hour breathing test, if my extra fat played a part and he said no. My lung power is a little shy of 50% for someone my height, weight and age. Not that it would have made any gym difference, except maybe I would not feel like such a schlub.

And yes, if I had to go two miles without transportation, I'd totally make it swimming and wouldn't have a prayer 'in the air'. Wild, eh?
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