April 4th, 2012


Today I have no one coming to the house to do anything. Yeah!!! It's nice and quiet. Betty and Travis have gone off to take their morning naps.

I have one big work thing on tap. I started it early this morning and then hit a permissions road block so now I'm waiting for the task requester get in and fire up those permissions.

The new TiVo can record 4 shows at one time. The old TiVo can record 2. They are stacked on top of one another under the TV. I just looked up and saw that between the two of them right now they are recording 6 TV shows. Holy crap! It's kind of overwhelming to know that there is that much new TV to watch. Except I just realized that they are probably recording morning news shows based on suggestions and if I watch any of them it is with a heavy thumb on the fast forward. Still. Freaky to see 6 shows recording.

Depending on work, swimming may have to bow out today. I hope not but we'll see.

I am planning to enjoy my nice, quiet day.

Waiting... waiting... waiting

I'm still waiting for the permissions thing for work so I can get this time critical task done. Fortunately, the woman who wants it done is the same one who has to give me perms so she's not sitting there tapping her toe and wondering when I'm going to get off my ass and do it.

On the other hand, I could have easily gone to the pool with time to spare. Sigh.

I did sneak out to Home Depot and returned some stuff and got some other stuff so at least that is done.

There are three holes in the new desk through which the three monitors' cables go. They all three need grommets which Sheri says are coming tomorrow. The bottom drawer needs a latch which the cabinet maker has and will come fix as soon as I call him but he also wants to get pics of the finish installation which won't be fixed until the grommets are in... vicious cycle...

Now I'm hangin' until my 3:30 conf call or perms, whichever comes first.

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At the risk of jinxing it, +Amazon.com seems to be using OnTrac less and less - at least for my deliveries. I'd be so happy if they just eased 'em on out... I think my spending pants are going to have to come off now for a while to make room for my saving pants again so it's all probably a moot point.


This morning, Sheri sent and I paid the last big living room redo bill. There are still a couple of bills yet to come but none are giant.

Then, this afternoon, I found out my gravy train job is over. Since last September, my job has been a guaranteed 40 hours a week - whether there was work or not. I had to be here and be ready but often there was no work to do. I got paid anyway. It was nice.

Now, I will only get paid for the hours I actually work. The good news is that I will no longer feel tied to the house. I can go swimming when I want to! Except when I have a meeting.

The bad news is that my paycheck is going to shrink considerably, maybe, probably.

I'll still have enough to live on and be cooked for and cleaned after and I plan to really enjoy the really free time.

But I am so so so so glad for the timing. Had this happened a month ago or even a couple of weeks, I would have severely cut back on my living room project. Or at least felt like I should. I am so glad I did not. I'm glad I didn't even know about the change.

Quite lucky this timing. And I'm grateful.